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Electrical Safety Tests

We conduct electrical and electronic device safety regulations in our laboratory.

The big, small tools we use in our daily lives are electrically operated. There are instruments that have currents and voltages that could be dangerous to people. Necessary precautions are taken by using electrical safety test devices and test methods in order to ensure the safety of such devices for people.
EMC Test
LVD Test
IP Test
Electrical Safety Tests

EUROLAB® Laboratory and Testing Services

We carry out all chemical and ecological tests in our laboratories ..

Today, food safety as much as national security and public health in the principle of high level of protection with our sectoral and social responsibility, "First Human, Health First" in all our work by showing the highest scientific and academic care, reliable and fast analysis, from production to consumption to the food industry.
Chemical Analysis
It includes hundreds of parameters that characterize food from the proportion of color and preservative added consciously to food, pesticide, mycotoxin and metal analysis.
Microbiological Analysis
Pathogen and non-pathogenic organisms cover a wide area, such as mold and yeast, half-cooked, ready to eat foods and food packaging material analysis in the raw material.
Molecular Biology Analysis
It helps to protect human health with molecular biology analyzes. The subject of increasing interest in the world recently comes from the foods that have been changed at the molecular level.
Physical Analysis
With the correct determination of parameters such as net weight, moisture, dry matter, brix and organoleptic properties, not only ensures the accuracy of the label information but also control the production cost.
Food Lab
Ambient Measurements

Ambient Measurements and Analysis

Human Health - Occupational Health and Safety Environmental Measurements ..

In accordance with the ine Regulation on Labor Hygiene Measurement Tests and Analyzes of Laboratories risk under the Occupational Safety Law, employers are obliged to ensure that necessary controls, measurements, investigations and investigations are carried out in order to determine the occupational health and safety risks and the risks that employees are exposed to in this environment.
Ambient Measurement
Within the scope of occupational safety, we make measurements in the workplace and workplace environment.
Electromagnetic Measurements
We conduct occupational safety and health measurements such as radiation, chemical, electromagnetic field strength.
Air Measurements
We make emission and imission measurements of dangerous and volatile and explosive gases with our technological devices.

Textile Testing

We carry out all tests for the garment and leather textile industry in our laboratory.

Formaldehyde, Azo Dyestuffs, Carcinogenic and Allergy Dyestuffs, Pesticides, Phthalate, Chlorine phenols, Polychlorinated biphenyls, Tinned organic compounds, Heavy metals, Niket determination in metal accessories, Lead, Cadmium, Chromium (VI), APEO, PFOs, PAHs, DMF and In addition to ecological tests such as bisphenol-A tests;
Textile Physical Testing
Textile Fastness Tests
Textile Flammability Tests
Chemical and Ecological Tests
Textile Microbiology Tests
Textile Specific Tests
Textile Organic Tests
Export and Import Tests
While the necessary condition conditions are met in accordance with the standards, the main physical performance tests like knitting, weaving, leather, nonwoven and coated surfaces, strength and strength tests in ropes, return flexibility, yarn tests, wear, pilling, zipper, air permeability are performed fast and reliably. .
Textile Testing

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In our laboratory, you can get your results as quickly as possible and prevent time and work loss.
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With the right laboratory choice, you get all your tests and analyzes done by a reliable institution and you avoid mistakes.
Reliable Analytics

Neutral Tests

We do not share your test results with any institution or 3rd party, and we do not make any changes on the results.
Neutral Tests

Technological Infrastructure

We use high-tech devices such as UV Spectrophotometer, GC-MS, ICP, HPLC, which are used in tests and analysis.
Technological Infrastructure

Laboratory and Testing Services


EUROLAB Laboratory, which provides laboratory and analysis services, is within its own body and with its member laboratory organizations test service in all branches Moreover, EUROLAB® performs measurements in the norms and standards published by the international standardization organization and accreditation bodies.
To get accurate, fast and impartial laboratory service, EUROLAB® member laboratories.

Textile Testing

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Air Microbiology

All-weather tests with toxic and explosive gases

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Electrical safety leakage current and grounding tests

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Acoustic Tests

Specific tests of all parts used in industrial environments