Eurolab, 3. National Laboratory Accreditation and Security Symposium and Exhibition

Eurolab, 3. National Laboratory Accreditation and Security Symposium and Exhibition

ULAG, National Laboratory Accreditation and Safety Symposium and Exhibition, which is repeated every two years, were carried out by the Istanbul Branch of the Chamber of Chemical Engineers between 11-12-13 May 2016. CEO of Eurolab Hava Sarıaydın also followed this activity.

While scientific and technical developments are continuing in various sectors, on the other hand, in parallel with these developments, domestic and foreign legal regulations are continuously updated. There is a need for fast, high quality, precise and reliable laboratory studies in order to reach acceptable and acceptable results in the measurement, test, analysis, inspection and similar applications in textile, food, electrical and electronics, machinery and many other sectors.

The symposium aims to bring together experts, share the latest information and provide basic information on laboratory safety.

As in the previous symposium, the subject of laboratory accreditations within the scope of TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 and TS EN ISO 15189 standards on the first and second days and laboratory safety on the third day were discussed.

The most important issue in this symposium is the problems experienced in the application of the General Conditions for the Qualification of the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories, the search for solutions to these problems, and the experiences gained. Likewise, a consensus has been sought in the controversial areas of this standard throughout the symposium.

Sec. A group of laboratory managers, including Hava Sarıaydın, demanded that the subjects such as measurement uncertainty and method validation and confirmation, which are the basis of laboratory accreditation, are discussed in more detail in the previous symposiums and that the subjects should be explained through examples. On the second day, studies were carried out mainly in this direction.