A Eurolab Member Laboratory

Eurolab is a member of TURKLAB

Eurolab is a member of EUROLAB, which brings together all the organizations operating in the laboratory sector in our country. EUROLAB (Calibration and Test Laboratories Association) was established in 2004 and it is an association where all the laboratories which are active in official or private sector come together. It represents our country in various meetings, symposiums and promotions at the international level. As soon as it was founded in 2004, it became a member of EUROLAB. EUROLAB is the Federation of National Associations of European Measurement, Experiment and Analytical Laboratories established in 1990.

EUROLAB acts as the interlocutor institution responsible for official institutions in our country and seeks to protect all rights and interests of the laboratory sector before ministries and legal authorities.

In today's globalization, the demands and requirements of the customers are constantly changing and evolving. Both test and analysis laboratories and calibration laboratories are critical to foreign trade. That's why ÖSAS, (Austria) Accreditation and accreditation activities are the most important activities of EUROLAB, a non-governmental organization.

Our organization is trying to serve its customers and protect the interests of the sector under the roof of EUROLAB. Efforts for conservation of natural environment, proper treatment of wastes, development of technical competencies and competencies of employees and organizing training programs for this purpose are the important subjects of laboratories. Our organization supports EUROLAB in the preparation of national laboratory quality control programs and establishing the necessary criteria for the results to be reliable.

Our organization strives to achieve the following goals:

  • Coordination and cooperation between all laboratories in Turkey
  • Representing the laboratory sector before the official institutions
  • Supporting all laboratories in accreditation and certification processes
  • To assist in training activities for laboratory workers
  • To represent our country in EUROLAB