Quick Result

Quick Result

The most important criterion for the organizations providing laboratory services is to act fast and to achieve high quality and reliable results. But getting quick results carries some dilemmas in itself. If some tests and analysis processes are understood and applied as quick to keep certain times to be expected, then test and analysis results cannot be ensured to be high quality and reliable. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the issue of being fast.

For example, if a laboratory's test equipment and equipment do not meet the latest technology, this laboratory cannot be expected to produce fast results. Maybe the results will be reliable and high quality but will lose time. Then a laboratory that follows innovations in technology and makes accurate and intelligent investments in time will get quick results.

For example, if employees in a laboratory still use old methods, if they do not know the new test methods and applications in this area, this laboratory will still lose time, even though they have modern equipment and equipment. In this sense, Labortuvar is following new developments in the world and will be able to get faster results if employees are allowed to improve themselves.

The fact that a laboratory operates in accordance with accepted standards worldwide is also an important point in ensuring the efficiency of the test and analysis processes and achieving faster results. Especially in this area TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Qualification of Test and Calibration Laboratories and TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria for Operation of Various Types of Inspections are important. These accreditations have rapid results.

In addition, laboratories that process their processes and operate in accordance with these processes are taking their natural form one step ahead of their competitors and have a quick result.