Our accreditations

Our accreditations

Our company complies with the principles and criteria, standards and test methods published by domestic and foreign organizations in order to increase the quality, accuracy, reliability and accuracy of the services they provide to all private and public persons and organizations and uses the latest technology devices and equipments. In addition, in order to prove this situation to its customers, it has established some management systems within its body and through audits, it has been entitled to obtain the certificates of these management systems from domestic and foreign accreditation institutions.

At the beginning of these standards TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard comes. This standard covers the general conditions required for a laboratory providing testing and calibration services, including the process of taking test and analysis samples, to be recognized as competent for such activities. This standard also covers the conditions for a laboratory to be sufficient for non-standard testing and calibration services with its own developed methods. Our organization has granted this authority to the Enterprise Accreditation Foundation EAF (ISO/IEC 17025).  (American Accreditation) Received from accreditation and all the services it provides accreditation authority.

Our organization also applies the TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 General Criteria Standard for the Operation of Various Types of Inspection Organizations. In this way, the required structure of our organization is standardized in terms of services provided, laboratory environment, test and analysis processes and necessary conditions. This standard proves that our organization serves in accordance with the European Union conformity assessment criteria at various stages of conformity assessment processes.

Meanwhile, our organization has established ISO 27001 Information Security Management System and obtained ISO 27001 Certificate. This document proves to customers that all information and documents obtained during the activities are kept confidential by our organization and will not be shared with third parties.

In addition, our organization cooperates with many domestic and foreign universities in order to contribute to the development of this sector and to follow the domestic and foreign technological developments. As an expression of the sensitivity shown to human health and environmental conditions in our field of activity, our organization supports the execution of a number of projects in this direction.