About Us

About Us

Our organization, which has been operating successfully for many years, has modern laboratories in international standards. These laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and equipment, and have an experienced and trained, strong staff who will use these devices and equipment.

Our company provides a wide range of testing, analysis, measurement, inspection and evaluation services including electrical safety tests, media analysis, textile analysis, food analysis and water analysis, and applies testing and analysis methods that are recognized worldwide. In this way, our company has always been preferred by customers.

Our organization does not compromise on the following two principles:

  • During any sector-based or general-purpose testing and analysis, our organization considers the current legal regulations and the relevant standards issued by domestic and foreign organizations.
  • Our organization is TS EN ISO/IEC 17021, TURKISH ACCREDITATION INSTITUTION (TÜRKAK), and ISO/IEC 17025 UAF (United Accreditation Foundation)'from has been accredited and continues its activities within the framework of this authorization.

Our company, from the first day, provides fast, high quality, accurate and reliable service to its customers. After that, it will continue to serve without compromising from this understanding.

The top management of our company closely follows the developing technologies in terms of its areas of activity and allows employees to raise themselves in this regard. In addition, it attaches importance to using the latest technology devices.

Before the Turkish Patent Institute, our brand EUROLAB LABORATUAR A.Ş. trademark registration numbers are 2016/47906, 2016/109104, 2016/06561.

Our organization is aware that the issue of occupational health and safety is in a position to raise the living standards of people and societies. Emphasis is placed on the health and safety of employees in developed societies. The managers and employees of our organization also feel responsible and work in accordance with the principle of voluntariness. Our company is doing its part to prevent the physical and moral losses in this area in our country.