Mission and Vision

Mission and Vision

Our mission:

  • To meet the test, analysis, measurement, control and inspection demands of customers in a high quality, fast, accurate and reliable way

·         Using state-of-the-art devices when providing these services

·         Applying world-wide testing and analysis methods and not being behind technical innovations

·         To monitor and share the developments in the world in this field with the aim of gaining knowledge and experience of employees

  • To show an understanding that respects human health and natural conditions in the services provided to customers

·         Demonstrate an approach that contributes to the economy in test and analysis studies

·         To provide a service to the service companies regardless of their field of activity, impartial, independent, honest and confidential.

  • To operate in compliance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Requirements for the Competence of Testing and Calibration Laboratories
  • In order to inform the people and organizations that will request services, publish informative and educational articles on the website

Our vision:

  • As a science-based laboratory organization, trying to be superior to competing firms serving in the same lane
  • In order to achieve this, as top management, to establish a competitive and efficient service organization
  • To be a trusted and respected laboratory for domestic and foreign customers
  • Never underestimate competing firms and not allow practices that create unfair competition
  • Trying to gain and retain new customers and be ready to serve them at any time
  • To be the first and most trusted laboratory when it comes to laboratory services
  • To identify the most suitable employees for the characteristics of the requested service and to direct the devices correctly
  • Good understanding of customers' needs and expectations, their to protect their interests and to serve in this direction
  • To give importance to complete, timely, accurate, quality and reliable testing, analysis, measurement, inspection and control services in all laboratory services