Sectoral Tests and Analysis

Sectoral Tests and Analysis

Textile industry, food industry, electrical and electronics sector, industrial tests or environmental tests. All these tests and analyzes have three main objectives: protection of human health, protection of consumer rights and protection of the natural environment.

In addition to these sectors, considering the sectors that serve these sectors, both the number of employees in these sectors and the number of consumers using these products as well as the production processes and the life span of these products and the types and the risks of the risks caused by the waste they cause as waste are lifes.

For this reason, many public or private institutions and, of course, state administrations which are sensitive about this subject, especially the World Health Organization (WHO), are trying to do their part.

Mainly, the studies on this subject can be grouped under the following headings:

  • The legal regulations of each country in accordance with its domestic law
  • Standards issued by local and foreign organizations
  • Test and analysis methods accepted worldwide

In parallel with the development of technology, new machines are emerging every day in the industry, new products are being designed, from consumer clothing to foodstuffs, from electrical and electronic devices to all kinds of machines that make life easier. Although all of these products seem harmless for the time being, it is not known exactly how long it affects human health and environmental conditions in the long term.

Measures and tests are carried out and standards are determined to determine how far away from the human body the smart phones which are among the indispensables of today.

Electromagnetic devices are emitted by electromagnetic waves, which affect both other devices and are affected by other devices.

The additives added to the food add color, smell and flavor to the foodstuffs, but on the other hand, the harmfulness of the chemicals they contain to human health is determined by these test and analysis studies and the upper limit values ​​that must be observed during their use are determined.

Apart from these, all companies offering a product to the market attach importance to the fact that these products comply with the security standards and national and international legal regulations and to meet the consumer expectations. In order to achieve this result, it has to carry out measurement, testing, analysis and evaluation studies at various stages of production. This includes all kinds of products in the consumer products sector. This necessity is a condition brought about by the rivalry conditions but more importantly, it is necessary to see the reputation in the market, to be reliable and to be permanent.

In recent years, the importance of environmental conditions has been given. The ecological balance of the world is getting worse and worse. Climate conditions are changing. Global warming makes itself feel more. Everyone has a responsibility to leave a more livable world to future generations. For this reason, it is everyone's responsibility to respect the ecological balance of the world, respect the nature and be sensitive to environmental problems. But firstly, the enterprises that produce the production should hear this responsibility. In this respect, it is necessary to choose the production methods that will not harm the nature and to keep the wastes left into the air, water and soil under constant control.

Like many testing and inspection bodies, our organization also provides a range of measurement, testing, analysis, inspection and control services within the scope of sectoral testing and analysis services. These services can be categorized under the following headings:

  • Textile tests
  • Food tests
  • Specific tests
  • Industrial tests
  • Environmental testing
  • Electrical tests
  • Conformity tests


Our organization acts with this sense of responsibility and carries out numerous tests and analyzes for individuals and organizations, including the above mentioned tests and analyzes.