FAA and EASA Tests

FAA and EASA Tests

The so-called FAA is the Federal Aviation Administration. The organization, also known as EASA, is the European Aviation Safety Agency.

The Federal Aviation Board (FAA) is an official organization established under the US Department of Transportation in 1958 to make aviation arrangements. The objectives of this organization are to follow all kinds of air and aviation related aircraft, flight, production, activity, intervention and applicable safety regulations and practices. In short, to ensure air safety. This organization is responsible for managing heavy sky traffic in the United States. It strives to provide people with the safest, most effective and environmentally sensitive civil aviation systems and airspace possible.

In this context, the Federal Aviation Board (FAA) not only directs air traffic in and around the US and ensures the protection of people, but also conducts airport security and audits, prepares airport design, construction and operation standards, and even prepares a new generation air transport system, It is also responsible for setting flight control standards and developing satellite and navigation technologies.

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) is an initiative created within the framework of civil aviation security in 2002 within the European Union. This organization is a security organization mainly related to the European Union airspace. Like the Federal Aviation Board (FAA) operating in the United States, this organization extensively monitors all aircraft and aviation-related aircraft, flights, manufacturing, efficiency, response and applicable safety regulations and practices and ensures aviation security.

Within this framework, the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has undertaken the following main tasks: harmonizing legal regulations and certification, developing the European aviation sector, drafting technical aviation rules, determining type certificates of aircraft and components, designing and producing aviation products, and maintaining them. to work with international organizations to promote security standards in Europe and globally and to increase security.

Training and testing is a key feature of the Federal Aviation Board's (FAA) security mission. It offers training and testing opportunities to individuals and organizations at all levels, from hobbies to certificate holders. Several practical test standards set by the FAA are:

  • Airways transporting
    • FAA-S-8081-20 Helicopter for airline transport pilot practical test standards
    • FAA-S-8081-5F Airline pilot and aircraft type assessment practical test standards for aircraft
  • Commercial
    • FAA-S-ACS-7 Commercial pilot aviator certification standards
    • FAA-S-8081-16B Commercial pilot practical test standards for helicopter and seaplane
    • FAA-S-8081-18 Commercial pilot practical test standards for air-lighter (balloon, airship)
    • FAA-S-8081-23A Glider for commercial pilot practical testing standards
    • FAA-S-ACS-6A Private pilot and aircraft certification standards
    • FAA-S-8081-15A Special pilot practical test standards for helicopters and seaplanes
    • FAA-S-8081-17 Special pilot practical test standards for air lighter (balloon, airship)

The tests of the Federal Aviation Board (FAA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) are important in the decision-making process of aircraft and other aircraft to be taken to the Air Force and civil aviation organizations.

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