Xenon - Xenon Arc and Aging Tests

Xenon - Xenon

Micom offers Xenon arc testing to simulate outdoor and indoor sun exposure on surface coatings, coatings and polymers. The equipment used to perform such a test is called weatherometers. ASTM G155 is an application for xenon arc testing. There are many test methods that require xenon arc testing.

Accelerated Decomposition Testing for Plastics and Polymers is required to ensure that materials and products meet the expected functionality and lifespan.

There are a number of variables available to ensure that the effects of aging and weathering are difficult to predict and therefore may cause problems that may adversely affect your product and business in the future.

EUROLAB provides accelerated air-conditioning testing of polymer and plastic materials and products through different tests. Our experts test the resistance of polymeric products to the environment, weather, temperature, humidity, repeated sterilization or UV / Xenon exposure. Polymer materials or products will be exposed to heat, UV and other stress under certain conditions to determine their critical properties before and after exposure.

Typically, the materials tested include inks and dyes (for example fascia boards), pipelines allocated for hot environments; Medical devices such as blood bags. We also have the ability to offer Automotive Materials Weatherproof Test.

The following is a partial list of test methods that we can test:



07324 NRC / IRC / CCMC

Canadian Construction

Australia AS / NZS 1891.1

Industrial fall arrest systems and devices

EN 13361

Geosynthetic barriers - features required for use in reservoir construction

Federal Test Standard 141A Method 6151

Operation of Xenon Arc Light Apparatus for Exposing Non-Metallic Materials

IEC 68 2 9

Basic Environmental Test Procedures-Part 2: Guidance for Solar Radiation Testing

ISO 4892-1

Plastics-Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources-Section 1: General Guidance


General Rules for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials


Xenon-Arc Test Apparatus for Exposure of Non-Metallic Materials Assemblies (Solar 


Work Light Exposure with Non-Metallic Mater and Water-Free


Environmental Engineering Evaluations and Laboratory Tests (Solar Radiation)

MIL-STD 820 F 

Environmental Engineering and Laboratory Tests


Anodic Coatings Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys


Mirror Assembly Rear View


Epoxy VOC High solids coating


Performance Characteristics for Track Shoes

NEMA Standards ReleaseLD 3-2005

High Pressure Decorative Laminate

GB / T 16259

Test Method for Accelerated Decomposition Building Materials


Components for Personal Flotation Devices




Chrysler LP 463 PB 16 01

Flex & fold textile test

Chrysler LP 463 PB 17 01

Flex & fold textile test

Fiat Material Method 50451

Accelerated Aging with Atmospheric Substances

Ford BO 101-01

Artificial Weathering Resistance

Ford BO 116-01

Indoor Weather Resistance

ISUZU ISC F20-0014

Test Method for Pen Hardness


Xenon-Arc Light Exposure Test Method for Automotive Interior Part

GME 60292

Determination of Color Fastness and Resistance to Artificial Lights

GMW 3414

Artificial Separation of Automotive Interior Flooring Material

GMW 14162

Artificial Weathering

GMW 14650 (xenon decomposition sections)

Performance Requirements for External Plastic Parts

GM 9125P

Laboratory Accelerated Exposure Procedures of Automotive Materials

GM 9327P

Outdoor weather resistance of integrated colored plastics

GM 9538P

Weathering Tests for Internal Trim

Honda HES 6601 D6601

Rubber Properties - Cure Measurement and Post Cure

Navistar CEMS GT-31

Accelerated Separation of Non-Metallic Materials

Nissan MO 135 Method II

Automotive Parts Exposure

NALFA section 303 (light fastness standard)

Laminate Flooring Properties and Test Methods

Peugeot D47 1431

Méthode d'essais matériaux and pièces d'habitacle

PV 1306

Light Fastness Test for Determination of Adhesion of Polypropylene Plastics

PV 3929

Aging Weather in Dry, Warm Climate

PV 3930

Humid Climate, Warm Climate

Renault D27 1911

Xenon lamps aging test chamber

Saab-Scania STD 3159

UV Resistance, Xenon Lamp, in-car material

SAE J1960

Accelerated Exposure Outside Automotive

SAE J1885

Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Interior Flooring

SAE J2412

Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Interior Trim Components Using a Controlled Process Xenon-Arc Apparatus

SAE J2527

Accelerated Exposure of Automotive Exterior Materials Using Controlled Illuminated Xenon-Arc Apparatus

Toyota TSM0501G

Composite Reinforced Polypropylene Mold Materials

Toyota TSH3131G

Quality of Exterior Cladding

Toyota TSH1585G

Accelerated Weathering Resistance of Paint Film




ISO 11341.

Paints and Varnishes - Artificial Weathering and Artificial Radiation Exposure - Filtered Xenon-Arc Radiation Exposure

ASTM D3451

Paint Coating Powders and Powder Coatings

ASTM D3794

Test Coil Coatings

ASTM D6577

Standard Guide for Testing Industrial Protective Coatings

ASTM D6695

Xenon-Arc Paints and Related Coatings

GB 1865

Paints and Varnishes - Artificial 
Artificial Weathering and Exposure to Radiation-Filtered Xenon Arc Radiation

JIS K 5600-7-7

Test Methods for Dyes - Part 7: Long Term Film Performance - Part 7: 
Accelerated Decomposition (Exposure to Filtered Xenon Arc)

MPI: # 113

Exterior, Water Based, Pigmented Elastomeric Coating

MS 133: Chapter F14

Test Methods for Paints and Varnishes: Part F14: Artificial Decomposition and Artificial Radiation Exposure - Filtered Xenon Arc Radiation Exposure (ISO 11341)

GB / T 5237.4

Forged Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles For Architecture - Part 4: Powder Coating Profiles

IRAM 1109 - B14: 2008

Paints - Part B14 Test Methods - Accelerated Exposure to Radiation Using a Xenon Arc Lamp




ICH Guideline

Stability Test: Photostability Test of New Pharmaceutical Substances and Products




ISO 4892-2

Plastics-Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources-Part 2: Xenon-Arc Sources

JIS K 7350-2

Plastics-Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources-Part 2: Xenon-Arc Sources

DIN EN 513.

Non-Plastic Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC-U) Profiles in the Production of Windows and Doors

ASTM D1248

Polyethylene Plastic Extrusion Materials for Wire and Cable

ASTM D2565

Xenon-Arc - Plastics for Outdoor Applications

ASTM D4101

Polypropylene Plastic Injection and Extrusion Materials

ASTM D4459

Xenon-Arc - Plastics for Indoor Applications

ASTM D5071

Xenon-Arc Exposure of Photodegradable Plastics

ASTM D6662

Plastic Timber Decking Boards

UL 1581

Reference Standard for Electrical Wires, Cables and Flexible Cables

GB / T 16422.2

Plastics - Methods of Exposure to Laboratory Light Sources Section 2: Xenon-Arc Sources

GB / T 15102

Wood Based Panels Decorated with Impregnated Thermoset Resins




ASTM D4355

UV Light Deterioration of Geotextiles





Color Fastness to Light


Air Resistance of Textiles: Exposure to Xenon Lamp

GB / T 8427

Tekstil - Color Fastness Tests - Color Fastness to Artificial Lights: Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test

GB / T 8430

Tekstil - Color Fastness Tests - Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering: Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test

GB / T 14576

Tekstil - Color Fastness Tests - Color Fastness to Light of Artificial Sweat Wetted Textiles

IS: 2454

Indian Standard Method for Determination of Color Fastness of Textile Materials to Artificial Light Xenon Lamp)

ISO 105-B02

Tekstil - Color Fastness Tests - Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering: Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test

ISO 105-B04

Tekstil - Color Fastness Tests - Color Fastness to Artificial Weathering: Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test

ISO 105-B06

Color Fastness and Aging to Artificial Lights at High Temperatures: Xenon Arc Fading Lamp Test

M&S C9

Color Fastness to Light


Color Fastness to Wet Light in the Presence of Alkali or Other Chemical Residues


Specification for Flame Resistant Materials used in Camping Tentage


Printing Inks / Artist Materials / Paper


ISO 11798.

Information and Documents - Writing, printing and copying

ISO 12040.

Graphic Technology - Printing and Printing Inks

ISO 18909.

Imaging Materials - Processed Photographic Color Films and Paper Prints

ASTM D3424

Printed Material Lightness

ASTM D4303

Lightness of Artists' Pigments

ASTM D5010

Testing Printing Inks and Related Materials

ASTM D6901

Standard Specification for Artists Colored Pencils

ASTM F2366

Clearance of Sun-Exposed Inkjet Prints with Window Filter

GB / T 22771

Graphics Technology - Printing and Printing Inks - Light Fastness Assessment Using Filtered Xenon Arc Light




ASTM D4434

Poly Vinyl Chloride Sheet Roof

ASTM D4637

EPDM Sheet Used in Single Layer Roof Membrane

ASTM D4798

Xenon-Arc - Bituminous Materials

ASTM D4811

Non-Vulcanized Rubber Sheet Used as Roof Combustion

ASTM D5019

Reinforced Non-Vulcanized Polymeric Sheet

ASTM D6083

Liquid Applied Acrylic Coatings Used in Roofs




ISO 3865.

Dyeing Methods on Contact with Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Organic Materials

ISO 4665.

Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Weathering Resistance

GB / T 3511

Rubber, Vulcanized or Thermoplastic - Weathering Resistance





Exposure of Adhesive Samples to Artificial Lights

ASTM C1442

Conducting Tests on Sealing Materials Using Artificial Ventilation Apparatus

ASTM C1501

Standard Test Method for Color Stability of Building Structural Seals




ASTM D6551

Accelerated Separation of Pressure Sensitive Tapes with Xenon Arc




ASTM C1442

Conducting Tests on Sealing Materials Using Artificial Ventilation Apparatus

ASTM C1501

Color Stability of Sealants

 You can work with our laboratory EUROLAB for XENON and KSENON Arc tests.