Industrial Tests

Industrial Tests

Testing means the systematic determination of the suitability of a product, based on established criteria and standards and generally accepted testing methods. Industrial tests, on the one hand, during the production process on the one hand and after-sales service conditions, the suitability of a product or equipment, according to the experience determined by the acceptance criteria. Industrial tests are carried out with the aim of measuring the mechanical and technological properties of the tested product or a part of it under destructive or non-destructive conditions, depending on the usage properties.

Destructive tests or mechanical tests are applied to measure the mechanical behavior of products or materials against constant, variable or different applied loads. In general, these tests are performed in the industry in order to understand how the materials to be used will react before, during or after production. Destructive tests are carried out by passing the material sample through test equipment prepared for each feature. In this way, the reactions of the materials against different loads are controlled. Besides the physical properties, the chemical structure of the materials can be determined by destructive tests.

The major destructive testing services include: tensile testing, bending testing, coating and paint checks, notch impact testing, hardness testing, macrostructure and microstructure testing, fracture toughness testing and a number of chemical analyzes.

Non-destructive tests are carried out without damaging the tested product or materials. These tests are one of the most commonly used quality control methods. Whether or not the products or materials meet the required conditions are tested by this method during or at the end of the ongoing production activities. Non-destructive testing is also performed frequently in maintenance processes to detect material wear caused by production conditions.

The main non-destructive testing services are: magnetic particle tests, radiographic tests, ultrasonic tests, liquid penetrant tests, leak tests, visual inspection, hydrostatic tests, vacuum tests, hardness tests, coating and paint checks and dimensional controls.

The scope of industrial testing services provided by test and inspection organizations is extremely wide. These services are provided in a wide range from textile sector to cosmetic sector, from food sector to construction sector.

Like many test and inspection organizations, our company provides a wide range of measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services in order to ensure reliability in products and services. The main industrial testing services in this context are:

  • Detergent tests
  • Ecological tests
  • Toy tests
  • Personal care products tests
  • Cosmetic tests
  • Oil natural gas tests
  • Mine tests
  • Chemical tests

During the industrial tests, the current regulations and the relevant standards published by many national and international organizations are taken into consideration.

In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.