ECE / UNECE Regulation Vehicle and Vehicle Testing Laboratory

ECE / UNECE Vehicle and Vehicle Testing Laboratory

In our laboratory, we carry out all testing activities of ECE "World Vehicle and Vehicle Law Harmonization Forum" standards.

In accordance with the CARS 21 Committee, the Commission publishes an annual working report on automotive-related regulatory developments and activities at the World Forum for the Harmonization of UNECE Vehicle Regulations. In addition, the Commission publishes an annual status report on EU accession to the UNECE Regulations in the field of vehicle approval.
Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations World Forum progress report on 2014 activities
EU accession status in UNECE regulations for vehicle approval as of 31.12.2014

Global Technical Regulations
The Global Technical Regulations have been developed under the 1998 international convention on vehicle construction, in which the EU is a Contracting Party. The regulations approve the safety and environmental aspects of vehicles. It is governed by the World Forum for the Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations, a continuously working party of UNECE. The Commission and EU countries participate in the technical preparation of the Forum and the Commission exercises the right to vote on the Forum on behalf of the EU.

ECE test standards we have carried out in our laboratory;

Approval of ECE R-1 Motor Vehicles Headlights with Asymmetric High Beam and / or Low Beam and Filament Lamps in R2 and / or HS1 Categories
ECE R-3 Approval of Reflectors of Motor Vehicles
ECE R-4 Motor Vehicle Rear License Plate Lamps Approval
Approval of the European Type Asymmetric High Beam or Low Beam or Both (SB) Atomic Headlamps of ECE R-5 Motor Vehicles
ECE R-6 Motor Vehicle Signal Lights Approval
ECE R-7 Motor Vehicle Lamps (Side, Rear, Stop) Approval
ECE R-8 Approval of Halogen Filament Headlamps for Motor Vehicles
ECE R-9 Noise Approval on Three-Wheel Motor Vehicles
ECE R-10 Approval of Motor Vehicles for Electromagnetic Compatibility
ECE R-11 Approval of door holding elements
ECE R-12 Approval of motor vehicles for driver protection against steering gear in case of collision
ECE R-13 Motor Vehicle Brake Approval
ECE R-14 Seat Belt Fasteners Approval of Motor Vehicles
ECE R-16 Seat Belts approval
ECE R-17 Approval of Motor Vehicles for Seats, Connections and Headrests
ECE R-18 Motor Vehicle Prevention Approval against Unauthorized Use
ECE R-19 Motor Vehicle Front Fog Lamps Approval
ECE R-20 Headlights
ECE R-21 Approval of Motor Vehicles for Interior Equipment
ECE R-22 Two or Three Wheel Motor Vehicles Protective Caps Approval
ECE R-23 Motor Vehicles Reversing Lamps Approval
ECE R-24 Motor Vehicles; Approval of Compression Ignition (CI) Engines for the Emission of Visible Pollutants Approval of Motor Vehicles for Placement of Motor Engines; Measurement of Engine Power
ECE R-25 Motor Vehicle Headrest Approval
ECE R-26 Motor Vehicle Exterior Overhang Approval
ECE R-27 Triangle Reflectors Approval for Motor Vehicles
ECE R-28 Audible Warning Devices
ECE R-29 Approval of Motorized Commercial Vehicles for Protection of Passengers in Cabin
ECE R-30 Passenger Car Tires Approval
ECE R-31 Approval of motor vehicle halogen atom headlights with asymmetrical crossover and / or driving beam
ECE R-32 Approval of the Behavior of Automobile Structure in Rear Impacts of Motor Vehicles
ECE R-33 Approval of the Behavior of the Automobile Structure of Motor Vehicles in Front Impacts
ECE R – 34 Approval of Vehicles for the Prevention of Fire Hazards
ECE R-35 Pedal Position Approval of Motor Vehicles
Approval of Large Passenger Vehicles in Terms of ECE R – 36 General Structure
Approval of ECE R-37 Motor Vehicles Bulbs
ECE R-38 Motor Vehicle Rear Fog Lamps Approval
Approval of ECE R-39 Speedometer Hardware and Installation of Motor Vehicles
Approval of ECE R – 40 Motorcycles Equipped with Positive Ignition Engine for Emission of Pollutants from Engine
ECE R-41 Motorcycle Noise Approval
ECE R – 42 Approval of Front and Rear Protection Parts of Road Vehicles (Bumpers etc.)
ECE R-43 Safety Glass Approval for Motor Vehicles
ECE R – 44 Approval of the Fixing Device for Child Seats in Power Driven Vehicles
ECE R-45 Approval of Headlamp Wipers and Vehicles with Headlamp Wipers
ECE R-46 Rearview Mirrors And Rearview Mirrors Installation Approval Of Motor Vehicles
Approval of ECE R – 47 Mopeds Equipped with Positive Ignition Engine for Emission of Gas Pollutants from Engine
ECE R-48 Lighting and Illuminating Devices Placement
ECE R-49 Communiqué (R-49) on equal provisions for the approval of pollutants emitted from the engines of compression-ignition and natural-gas engines and positive-ignition engines operating with liquid petroleum gas and vehicles equipped with these engines
ECE R-50 Approval of Lighting Systems for Motorcycles and Mopeds
ECE R-51 Approval for Noise Emission in Motor Vehicles
ECE R-52 8-16 Approval of the Structures of Motor Vehicles
ECE R-53 Motorcycle Signal Pattern Approval
ECE R-54 Commercial Vehicles and Trailers Tires Approval
ECE R-55 Motorized Mechanical Clutches Approval
Approval of ECE R-56 Moped Headlights
ECE R-57 Motorcycle Headlight Approval
ECE R-58 Rear Guard
ECE R-59 Approval of Motor Vehicles for Spare Parts Muffler Systems
ECE R – 60 Approval of Two-Wheeled Motor Vehicles and Mopeds for Driver-Operated Controls including Introduction of Controls, Warnings and Indicators
ECE R-61 Commercial Motor Vehicle Cab Overhangs Approval
Approval of ECE R-62 Unauthorized Use
ECE R-63 Noise Approval on Two-Wheel Mopeds
ECE R-65 Approval of Special Warning Lights for Motor Vehicles
Approval of Large Passenger Vehicles for the Durability of the ECE R-66 Superstructure
ECE R-67 <> R-67.01 Approval of Special Equipment of Motor Vehicles Using LPG
ECE R-68 Communiqué on the Technical Regulation (R-68) for approval of the measurement of vehicle maximum speeds, including electric vehicles.
ECE R-69 Slow Moving Vehicles (Latest Version 9.3.2000 Date and 23988 Number RG Published.)
ECE R-70 Approval for Rear and Heavy Signs for Heavy and Long Vehicles
ECE R-71 Approval of Agricultural or Forestry Tractors in the Field of the Driver's Field of View
ECE R-72 Motorcycle Halogen Headlight Approval
ECE R-73 Approval of Cargo Vehicles, Trailers and Semi-Trailers for Side Protection
Approval of Lighting and Signal Devices of ECE R-74 Mopeds
ECE R-75 Motorcycle and Mopet Tires
Approval of ECE R-76 Mopeds Driving And Switching Headlamps
ECE R-77 Approval of Parking Lights for Motor Vehicles
ECE R-78 L Class Braking System Approval
ECE R-79 Steering System
ECE R – 80 Seats of Large Passenger Vehicles and Approval of the Strength of Seats and Connections of These Vehicles
ECE R-81 Two-Wheeled Vehicle Rearview Mirrors Approval
Approval of Halogen Headlights of ECE R-82 Mopeds
ECE R-83 Approval of pollutant emissions according to engine fuel specifications
ECE R – 84 Approval of passenger cars equipped with internal combustion engine for measuring fuel consumption
ECE R-85 Approval of Internal Combustion Engines or Electric Propulsion Engine Designed for Driving Force of Class M and N Motor Vehicles for Measurement of Net Power and 30 Minute Maximum Power of Electric Drive Assembly
ECE R-86 Approval of Agricultural or Forestry Tractors for Mounting Lighting and Illuminated Signal Devices
ECE R – 87 Approval of Daytime Running Lights for Motor Vehicles
ECE R-88 Approval of Reflective Tires for Two-Wheeled Vehicles
ECE R-89 Approval of Speed ​​Limits on Motor Vehicles
ECE R-90 Engine Brake Pad Replacement Approval
ECE R-91 Approval of Side Marker Lamps for Motor Vehicles and Trailers
ECE R-92 Approval for Replacement of Exhaust Muffler Systems in Two- or Three-Wheel Motor Vehicles
ECE R – 93 1- Front-to-Bottom Access Protection (FUPDs) 2- Installation of an Approved FUPD Type to Vehicle No: SGM - 3 / 93)
ECE R – 94 Approval of vehicles for the protection of passengers in the event of a frontal impact
ECE R-95 Approval of Motor Vehicles for the Protection of Passengers from Side Impact
Approval of Compression Ignition (CI) Engines Installed in Agricultural and Forestry Tractors for Emissions of Pollutants from the ECE R-96 Engine (Turkish with English Abstract)
ECE R-97 Alarm Systems and Approval of Motor Vehicles on Alarm Systems
Approval of ECE R-98 Motor Vehicle Headlights Equipped with Gas Discharge Light Sources
ECE R-99 Approval of Gas Discharge Light Sources for Use in Approved Gas Discharge Lamp Units of Power Driven Vehicles
ECE R-100 Approval of special requirements for the construction, functional safety and hydrogen emission of vehicles with electric batteries
ECE R-101 CO2 and fuel consumption measurement of passenger cars equipped with internal combustion engines and approval of electrical energy consumption and range measurement of N1 and M1 class vehicles equipped with an electrical power source
Approval of Vehicles Equipped with ECE R-102 Towing and Approved Towing
ECE R-103 Approval of Replaceable Catalytic Convectors for Power Driven Vehicles
ECE R-104 Approval of Reflective Signs on Heavy and Long Vehicles
ECE R-105 Approval of the Specific Structural Characteristics of Vehicles Designed for the Carriage of Dangerous Goods
ECE R-106 Approval of Pneumatic Tires for Agricultural Vehicles and Trailers
ECE R – 107 Approval for the General Structure of Double Decker Large Passenger Vehicles
ECE R – 108 Approval of Manufacture of Coated Pneumatic Tires for Motor Vehicles and Trailers
ECE R-109 Approval of Manufacture of Coated Pneumatic Tires for Commercial Vehicles and Trailers
ECE R-110 Installation approval for certain parts of motor vehicles using compressed natural gas in drive systems and for certain parts of the type approved for the use of compressed natural gas in drive systems
ECE R-111 Approval of N and O Category Tankers for Rollover Stability
ECE R – 112 Approval of Motor Vehicle Headlamps Equipped with Asymmetrical Low Beam or High Beam or Both, and Filament Lamps
Approval of ECE R – 113 Symmetrical Low Beam or High Beam or Motor Vehicle Headlamps Equipped with Filament Lamps
Approval of the Airbag Module for the ECE R – 114 Replaceable Airbag System, the Replaceable Steering Wheel Equipped with the Approved Type Airbag Module and the Replaceable Airbag System Located on the Steering Wheel
Approval of Special LPG Systems to be Mounted to Motor Vehicles for the Use of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in ECE R – 115 Drive Systems
ECE R – 116 Approval of technical instructions for the protection of motor vehicles against unauthorized use
ECE R – 117 Rolling Noise Approval
ECE R – 118 Approval of technical instructions (information) on the combustion behavior of materials used in the internal structure of certain motor vehicle classes
ECE R – 119 Approval of corner lamps for motor vehicles
ECE R – 120 Approval for Measurement of Net Power, Net Torque and Specific Fuel Consumption of Internal Combustion Engines to be Installed on Agricultural and Forestry Tractors and Off-Road Machinery
ECE R – 121 Type approval for the location and identification of hand controls warnings and indicators of motor vehicles
ECE R – 122 Type approval for heating systems of vehicles of category M, N AND O
ECE R-123 Type approval of adaptive front lighting systems for motor vehicles
ECE R-124 Type approval for wheels of passenger cars and trailers