Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing

Chemical tests are needed in many sectors from the food industry to the textile sector, from the pharmaceutical sector to the personal care and cosmetics sector, and are particularly important for the health and environmental protection of employees and consumers. By chemical analysis is meant the work of recognizing and detecting a substance, for example a fiber, a detergent or a foodstuff, which is the subject of the examination. Businesses use this information to eliminate potential risks to employees 'health or consumers' health or the natural environment and to obtain quality products.

At the same time, the efficiency of the enterprises is ensured by the controls and audits to be performed. These control operations must be carried out at every stage of production and in line with the intended purpose. Whether production is carried out in accordance with the intended purpose is determined by physical and chemical tests and analyzes. Some enterprises have candi laboratories to carry out these studies in proportion to their capacity and strength. However, sometimes due to the importance and sensitivity of the tests and the material and technical impossibility of having a laboratory of this capacity, the enterprises' own laboratories are inadequate. At this point, there will be a need for test and inspection organizations that serve only for this purpose.

Chemical analyzes are performed in qualitative and quantitative analyzes. Qualitative analyzes are performed to determine which components are contained in a substance. Quantitative analyzes are carried out to determine the ratio, in other words, the amount of a substance whose components have been identified.

During the industrial test studies, the current regulations and the relevant standards published by many domestic and foreign organizations are taken into consideration. In line with the needs of the enterprises, our company also conducts chemical tests within the framework of industrial tests.

In the meantime, our company complies with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard for the Adequacy of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. From ÖSAS Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.