Pallet and Container Tests

Pallet and Container Tests

We carry out pallet tests in our laboratory EUROLAB with the general characteristics of special pallets and containers used for industrial and military purposes and methods of unit load tests.

It aims to apply the requirements for the planning of new pallets, packages or containers. It also includes modification of existing pallets, packages and containers or other used load-carrying means.

TS ISO 6780 Flat pallets for intercontinental material handling - Basic dimensions and tolerances
TS 7003 Air transport equipment - Pallets
TS EN 13626 Packaging - Boxed pallets - General rules and test methods
TS 3766 Transport packages dimensions of rigid, rectangular prism-shaped transport packages
TS 11508 Material loading and unloading equipment (used for military purposes)
STANAG 2828 ED.6: 2009 Military Pallets, Packages and Containers


A plate which will form a flat base for material transport equipment to provide a unit load for storage, unloading, loading and unloading. Pallets are transport aids. The construction details of the pallets are only important in preventing transport efficiency and ensuring unit load integrity. Pallets are separated from each other and assembled with blocks or consisting of a single layer grid with other apparatus at the bottom and upper and lower tables. TS 5005 Timber - Pine timber, Fasteners or attachments must be connected with the bottom and the lifting applications of the transport vehicles must be connected under each of the four tops.

General purpose pallets
A pallet made up of two bottom plates or single base with supports, wedges, blocks or other mechanical parts by joining the parts together.

Special purpose pallets
Special purpose pallets, special type pallets for use with special type of cargo transport and / or air transport

A container is a transport material designed to prevent unloading and reloading during the transport of a load or material.

General purpose pallets
General purpose pallets consist of four-way pallets and box pallets. The joints of the two-bottom pallets and the mechanical parts on the lower edge of the single-bottom pallets must be suitable for the purpose of lifting the load arms of the pallet trucks (stackers, pallet trucks, etc.) on all four sides of the pallet. General purpose pallets; the dimensions and tolerances specified in the regulations.

Metal oil, oil and lubricant (POL) pallets
The rectangular frame made of iron and profile shall be mounted to the construction consisting of a flat steel plate and round section bar suitable for carrying 20 liter canisters. Corrugated and sometimes perforated steel plate should be used on the base to allow dripping liquids to drain down. The four corners of the construction must have plugs, retainers and locking systems to prevent drums from slipping during transport. Each pallet must be capable of carrying 21 containers (420 liters).