Sound Insulation and Permeability Tests

Sound Insulation and Permeability Tests

Sound is the periodic pressure changes that can be perceived by the hearing organs of living things. Physical dimension is a simple mechanical disorder that occurs in sound, air, solid liquid or gaseous environments. It occurs as a result of vibration of molecules in a substance.

Insulation is the reduction of the energy flow from the environment to the outside or from the outside to the environment using any insulation material. There are several types of insulation materials: thermal insulators to reduce heat flow.

Let's look briefly at the necessity of sound insulation and sound permeability tests that some materials have done in laboratories with technological equipments about sound insulation.

Effects of Noise on Human Health

Noise is a problem that affects everyone. Permanent hearing threshold changes have been found by many researchers in long-term people in environments with high noise levels. Although it is not easy to detect a significant loss of hearing in lower levels or short term influences, the negative effects of noise on human health, behavior and happiness can be identified. In a report published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) in 1996, the findings given in the table below were obtained.

Daytime (Leq) (dBA)



Disturbing noise


Disturbance increases significantly

Over 65

Inhibition occurs in behavior, harmful symptoms from noise occur


Prolonged exposure to loud sound leads to the death of cells in the inner ear, which are very sensitive and play a key role in hearing function. Due to the death of cells that cannot regenerate and proliferate, hearing loss can become permanent after a while.

Sound insulation can now be seen as one of the biggest problems of living spaces. Thin walls used in new buildings create sound insulation problems and also endanger human health. Sitting in our house, noises from outside or the loud noises made by a company emit disturbing sounds to the environment or the noise that our car gets inside. These and other reasons make us inevitable to have sound insulation.

As EUROLAB Laboratory, we conduct and report these tests with our team of experts and experienced personnel in measuring sound permeability of sound insulation materials such as sound insulation, sound resistance and sound insulation, and do not hesitate to contact our laboratory to have sound insulation tests.