Load Resistance Test

Load Resistance Test

Eurolab laboratory tests the maximum load values ​​it can carry under static or dynamic conditions.
It provides test services for the determination of bending strength under axial load with test devices used to obtain point load strength index value for indirect classification of cylindrical, block and irregular shaped natural stone materials and to determine uniaxial compressive strength indirectly.

Transfer of loads in structural elements with load resistance tests; The basic principles of structural analysis, structural design and resistance of structures under static and dynamic loads are tested by two applications using simple materials.

In addition, point loading tests are among our test services and accordingly, the point - load strength index used in the classification of rocks according to their strength is performed. It is used as the strength parameter of rock material in indirect determination of other strength parameters such as point load strength index, uniaxial compression and tensile strength and in some rock mass classification systems. However, there is a tendency not to use the point load strength index for the indirect determination of uniaxial compressive and tensile strengths. Based on the test result; “point load strength index ın and“ strength anisotropy index ın of the rock are also calculated in our laboratory.
Load strength tests are performed using force (load) and load cell and the stress-strain curve is obtained by using these measured elongation, fracture and load values.
In addition to the load resistance test, we also perform compression and bending tests on our test equipment.

Load resistance tests are generally performed on wood, reinforced concrete structures, wood and wood, pallets, carpets, mats, glass and all other construction and industrial materials.

Load tests are carried out as follows.

1-Diagonal test,
2-Axial test,
3-Block and irregular test are performed in three different ways.

You can work with our laboratory EUROLAB for load resistance tests.