Beverage Tests

Beverage Tests

Drinks are essential substances for human health and drinkable. Naturally, water is the leading beverage. However, in addition to water, many beverages such as tea, coffee, herbal and fruit teas and juices are consumed in daily life. In addition to meeting the water requirement of the human body, these beverages are also important for the food sector. Not only in our country but also in the whole world, beverage sector, which is a sub-sector of food sector, is growing rapidly. However, during the production, storage, sale and consumption of beverages, human health should be kept in the forefront and action should be taken accordingly. The water used in the preparation of beverages must comply with the criteria and conditions set by legal regulations.

Non-alcoholic beverages are generally considered in two groups:

  • Hot drinks (this group includes beverages such as tea, coffee, herbal teas and hot chocolate)
  • Cold drinks (this group includes cola, soda, buttermilk, lemonade, fruit juices, lemonade and soda)

According to the Turkish Food Codex, beverages are classified as follows depending on the content of fruit:

  • Fruit juice (100 percent fruit)
  • Fruit nectar (percent fruit between 25-99)
  • Fruity drink (percent fruit between 10-24)
  • Flavored beverage (less than 10 percent fruit)

Carbonated drinks are beverages containing water, sugar, fruit extract, carbon dioxide, acid regulator, essential oil, cola extract and preservatives.

With technological advances, consumption of such beverages increases as the production, storage, packaging and distribution conditions of beverages improve. However, it is important that the necessary controls and tests are carried out in the production processes.

The current legal regulations and standards published by many national and international organizations are taken into consideration in the food testing studies. In line with the needs of the enterprises, our company conducts beverage tests within the framework of food tests.

In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.