Specific Tests

Specific Tests

Today, many scientific studies are carried out on public health and health of future generations. In order to increase efficiency in production activities or to ensure the correct and effective use of many chemical drugs used for different purposes without harming human health and environmental conditions, legal regulations are made. A wide range of analysis methods are being developed in order to use pesticides with different chemical properties at low limits and leave no residue. Pesticides are chemicals used to increase productivity in agricultural fields and to combat pests and weeds. The use of pesticides in traditional agricultural activities is not abandoned, but many of these have cancer-causing properties on living organisms.

However, tests and analyzes are not limited to agricultural products and foodstuffs. Numerous physical, chemical and biological tests and analyzes are performed for products manufactured in many different sectors. These include more specific ones. For example, stationery products at their simplest carry a number of chemical risks. Specific tests are performed for the azo dyes, allergen dyes, carcinogenic dyes, phthalates, heavy metals, formaldehyde, nickel and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) they contain.

In particular, packaging materials used in the packaging of various products, on the one hand, affect the quality of the products on the one hand, on the one hand, arouses the desire to purchase consumers. But the health risk of food packaging is much higher. Packaging materials have many different types in terms of the product they protect and therefore require very different test methods.

Baby and children's clothing is a separate issue of sensitivity. Many quality features are tested by the testing and inspection organizations to ensure that the companies producing these products develop their products and present them to consumers safely. In addition to determining the conformity of the fiber composition of the fabrics in baby and children's clothes to the current legal regulations, color fastness, various durability and allergy tests of these fabrics are carried out and their maintenance properties are evaluated.

Specifically water resistance test, elongation and expansion test for wood products, a series of quality tests such as fire and combustion behavior testing.

Many more specific tests, such as the examples described above, are performed according to the needs of various sectors.

Like many test and inspection organizations, our company provides a wide range of measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services in order to ensure reliability in products and services. The main specific testing services provided in this context are:

  • Stationery tests
  • Packaging tests
  • Baby products tests
  • Wood tests
  • Jewelry Jewelery Tests
  • Automotive tests
  • Construction tests
  • Energy tests
  • Health tests

When performing specific tests, the existing regulations and relevant standards published by many national and international organizations are taken into consideration.


In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.