Packaging Tests

Packaging Tests

Technology is developing so fast and every day we experience a new innovation. This is beautiful and many unthinkable dangers threaten life. All products offered to consumers on shelves, food products, textile products, electrical and electronic products, whether in a package. These packages generally have two functions. The first function is to preserve the quality characteristics of the products contained within them, while the second function is to create an allure and to cause a buying desire on the consumers. Regardless of what purpose it serves, it is necessary to select the packaging material in good quality, to have suitable properties in the product and to be used with the correct techniques in the enterprises.

This is especially important in the food sector because there are health risks for people. However, in other sectors, packaging materials have to meet a number of requirements in accordance with their use and purpose. Therefore, many different test devices and methods are used for packaging materials.

In case the packaging activity is reliable and high quality, the enterprises avoid the health risks and the losses of the companies due to the shipment, loading and storage operations are prevented. Packaging performance tests are carried out to ensure that the packaging materials are suitable and provide the necessary protection. In this context, physical and mechanical tests, endurance tests, weatherproofing tests, print quality tests and a number of chemical tests are carried out.

During specific testing studies, current legal regulations and relevant standards issued by many domestic and foreign organizations are taken into consideration. In line with the needs of the enterprises, our organization also carries out packaging tests within the framework of specific tests.

In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.