Textile Testing

Textile Testing

Textile sector is a sector that contributes to the economic development, trade volume and employment opportunities of our country. It has played an important role in opening up our country and textile products produced in our country are being used in many countries of the globalizing world. Selection of raw materials suitable for the expected properties of yarn and fabric in this sector, selection of suitable machines in processing of this raw material, testing and analysis of conditions affecting production efficiency and quality of products, solving possible problems, improving production conditions and making technical designs of new textile products required are important production stages .

Regular testing and analysis during the production processes in the spinning, weaving, knitting and finishing mills is of great importance both for the protection of human health and the prevention of harm to the environment.

Fiber selection in yarn production, yarn selection in fabric production, fabric selection in garment production are the triggering processes and end product quality emerges with the importance given to quality at these stages. In this respect, in addition to yarn tests, it is important to conduct non-flammability, crease, shrinkage and fastness tests for fabrics.

It is possible for the enterprises operating in the textile sector to make healthy production, to produce quality products and to offer products to the market in accordance with customer demands, and to apply domestic and foreign test and analysis methods at every stage of production. It is only possible to carry out process controls and to check the conformity of the products to customer demands through analysis. Some of these tests are conducted in their own independent laboratories. However, in order to obtain more objective and precise results, these analyzes should be performed by test and inspection organizations.

Textile and garment sector is one of the leading sectors of our country and these products are exported to a significant extent. Approximately 23 of export revenues of our country is realized by textile sector. The number of employees in this sector is around two million. As such, enterprises are in serious struggle with their competitors both at home and abroad. Therefore, textile tests are of great importance in terms of not having health problems for both employees and consumers, making production without damaging the environment and producing ecological and quality products. Mainly in the European Union countries, but generally all over the world in order to avoid problems all production processes should be controlled at certain stages.

Like many test and inspection organizations, our company provides a wide range of measurement, test, analysis, inspection and control services in order to ensure reliability in textile products. The main services provided within this scope are:

  • Fabric tests
  • Shoe tests
  • Skin tests
  • Belt tests
  • Bag tests
  • Wallet tests
  • Dress tests
  • Yarn tests
  • Artificial leather tests
  • Accessory tests

The current legal regulations and standards published by many national and international organizations are taken into consideration in textile analysis studies.


In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.