Bag Tests

Bag Tests

One of the main production areas of the saddlery bags. The most important accessory, the bag, is mainly made of leather, but today it is more economical, and in addition to leather, different materials are also used in the production of bags. In this sector, the changes in the fashion in parallel with the bag models are constantly changing. The fashion aspect of the bag is absolutely indisputable. However, it is possible to use a quality leather bag for many years.

The bag is an important accessory that completes clothing, but is expected to be particularly compatible with shoes. Together with the technological developments in the sector, quality, useful and stylish bags are produced. The raw material of the bag is leather, fabric or plastic.

Bags can be classified in many ways. For example, according to age and gender, children's bags, young bags, women's bags and men's bags, travel bags, sports bags, briefcases, or according to the material used in the production of leather bags, fabric bags, metal bags, straw bags, rope bags and synthetic bags.

In the production of bags, there are stages such as cutting operations, body assembly, handle preparation, handle assembly, lining and mouth closure. Here are a few standards that manufacturers must comply with:

  • TS 12958 Textile-Bag fabric - used for military backpack and mountaineering bag
  • TSE K 264 Sports bag (used for military purposes)
  • TS 4019 First aid kit - General purpose
  • TS 6410 Briefcase (made of finished leather)
  • TS 6411 Women's handbags - Finished leather or coated fabric
  • TS 12957 Textile - Bag fabric - General purpose
  • TS 13344 Backpack - Military

The current legal regulations and standards published by many national and international organizations are taken into consideration in textile analysis studies. In line with the needs of enterprises, our company also conducts bag tests within the framework of textile analysis.

In the meantime, our organization, TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Test and Calibration Laboratories in accordance with the General Requirements for the standard, From ÖSAS Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.