Scratch Resistance Tests

Scratch Resistance Tests

The hardness value is generally the resistance value of a material to the hard contact of another object. By hardness is understood the resistance of a material to cutting, friction and permanent deformation. That is, the material surface permanently deforms at any impact. In advanced laboratories, hardness values ​​and scratch resistance strengths of materials are tested by using special devices. Although different methods and test devices are used in these tests, the common point of all of them is that they are measured according to the permanent marks obtained on the surface of the material. The measured value in these methods is the resistance value of the material tested against plastic deformation.

Scratch resistance tests are commonly used to determine material properties. These tests are simply performed and do not cause great damage to the material. In addition, there is a parallel relationship between the scratch resistance value of the material and other mechanical properties.

In hardness measurements, a generally conical or rounded end is immersed in the material and the resistance of the material is measured. During this process, a trace remains on the material. The harder the material, the smaller the permissible size. Another method of hardness measurements is to scratch the surface of the material. A hard material draws another material that is less rigid than it. Scratch resistance tests use a special scale (MOHS hardness scale), which is sorted by mineral hardness.

In addition, special devices called scratch hardness testers are used to determine the scratch resistance values ​​of glass, laminated or plastic surfaces.

Product tests performed in authorized laboratories are important to prove to consumers the quality and reliability of the products. In this context, scratch resistance tests are performed in our laboratory. These tests are based on standards published by local and foreign organizations.

Our laboratory always gives fast, high quality, reliable, precise and accurate results in tests carried out with an experienced and trained staff and using modern powerful technological test equipment.

In our laboratory, other measurement, test and analysis services are provided along with scratch resistance tests.