Carton and Corrugated Board Tests

Carton and Corrugated Board Tests

Packaging, packages, bags and boxes produced by the parcel manufacturers and so on. those who want to measure the strength of products can choose our laboratory.

In our laboratory there are test equipments such as groove preparation machine, water absorption test device, circle sample cutter, pneumatic corrugated cardboard sample cutting device, touch screen corrugated and paper blast test device and control test devices such as thickness gauge. We also have test equipment designed for crushing tests of cartons, cartons, etc.

We can carry out tests according to ISO, European Union EN standards, military STANAG and MIL-STD standards.


Properties of Parcels;

A Wave: Particularly in the packaging of non-carrier products and in the construction of warehouses to be stacked in a row; because it acts as a cushion and is a shock absorber. used in the construction of the material.

Wave B: It is used in the production of molded boxes for the packaging of all kinds of products, especially the products which are themselves carriers.

C Wave: Mourning is used in the packaging of many products, including vegetables and fruits.

E Wave: It is a very thin wave and is widely used in consumer packaging production due to its good printing.

Double Wave: Due to its strong structure, it can carry large loads and is very suitable for stacking. Resistant to explosion and puncture.

Three Waves: It is used as a transport package for bulky and very heavy products because it combines the characteristics of various wave types. Thickness up to 12mm.

Single Faced: In single sided, offset printed cardboard lamination produced in various wave types; can be used for decorative purposes and as bandage.


Corrugated cardboard is a packaging product which is fluctuated between two sheets of paper and is compressed between two sheets. Corrugated board is divided into 3 class as thin, thick and single wave. Single-wave corrugated cardboard is called corrugated, while thin-wave corrugated cardboard is referred to as short code B, thick-corrugated cardboard is referred to as short code C.


Corrugated Cardboard Grades;

125-140gr / m2 Kraft Linear: It is obtained by processing the pulp obtained from soft wood with sulfate or alkaline. It is used as inner and outer lining in corrugated board production. Kraft linear papers with natural color brown can be partially or completely bleached. However, any bleaching method reduces the durability of the primer from 5 to 10%.

125gr / m2 Test Linear: Corrugated board made of partially cellulose and recycled paper fibers. Test linear papers can also be used as inner and outer lining in corrugated board production. However, the use of recycled paper fibers as corrugated cardboard liner greatly reduces the durability of the box, especially in tropical conditions.

140gr / m2 White Test Linear: Test linear papers are produced from high-quality recycled materials and painted over, resulting in paper with excellent durability, also called imitation kraft. The paper in question also has these features.

Parcels are Main Types;

  • Standard Carton
  • Box With Separate Lid
  • Multiple Depth Cartons
  • Box with Two Separate Lids
  • Full Covered Carton
  • Full Cover Snap Carton
  • Bottom Pass Box
  • Half Corrugated Carton