Machine conformity tests

Machine conformity tests

The Machinery Safety Regulation was revised and published by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in 2009. According to this regulation, machines that are properly established, maintained and used for the purpose of production should not harm human health and safety, pets and goods while working. The said regulation regulates the basic safety conditions to be followed in the design and production stages and the conformity assessment processes to be followed in order to put these machines on the market. It also describes the criteria to be considered in assigning notified bodies to conduct conformity assessment studies.

The previous version of the regulation did not include conformity assessment processes and modules. Regulation The fifth section entitled Conformity Assessment Procedures, Operations for Partially Completed Machines, Notified Bodies, CE Conformity Marking includes the conformity assessment procedures of the machines. Accordingly, manufacturers have to carry out one of the conformity assessment procedures specified in the regulation in order to certify the suitability of the machines. If a machine is not included in the regulation annex, the manufacturer performs the conformity assessment process based on the internal controls in the machine production in the annexes.

Machines with the EC Declaration of Conformity specified in the annex to the Regulation and bearing the CE conformity mark in accordance with this Regulation shall be deemed to comply with the provisions of this Regulation.

Machines manufactured in accordance with the harmonized standard are considered to be in compliance with the basic health and safety requirements covered by this standard.

During the conformity test studies, current legal regulations and related standards published by many domestic and foreign organizations are taken into consideration. In accordance with the needs of enterprises, our company also performs machine conformity tests within the framework of conformity tests.

In the meantime, our company complies with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard for the Adequacy of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. From ÖSAS Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.