Color Harmony Tolerance Tests

Color Harmony Tolerance Tests

In order for the environments in which they live to contain suitable conditions according to their intended use, it is necessary to consider all of the characteristics of the physical environment. Colors are also one of these factors. Colors should be handled consciously and systematically. This is effective in making the objects both economic and aesthetic.

For example, if red color is used in flooring, it expresses strength, if it is used on the wall it gives unrest and if it is used on the ceiling it gives gloom to the environment. On the other hand, if white color is used in flooring, it gives a feeling of immunity, if it is used on the wall, it gives comfort and spaciousness, and if it is used on the ceiling, it gives a feeling of lightness and emptiness.

The work done to determine the colors of houses and offices is called color design and more importance is given to this issue today. Color design differs from the social and cultural structures of the people, the geographical and climatic characteristics of the region, the tastes of the people, the economic power and the architectural structures of the building. However, color matching tolerance is an important factor and it is tried to be compatible with each other.

Research shows that colors also have an impact on human health and mood. Correct and harmonious use of colors also positively affects employee productivity and motivation. Unconscious use of colors can create exhaustion and fatigue for employees.

One of the important aspects of color matching is the choice of color for products. The wrong color preferences in the products that will be presented to the consumers' taste affect the success of the product negatively.

Product tests performed in authorized laboratories are important to prove to consumers the quality and reliability of the products. In this context, color matching tolerance tests are also performed in our laboratory. These tests are based on standards published by local and foreign organizations.

Our laboratory always gives fast, high quality, reliable, precise and accurate results in tests carried out with an experienced and trained staff and using modern powerful technological test equipment.

In our laboratory, other measurement, test and analysis services are provided along with color matching tolerance tests.