Sterilization Tests

Sterilization Tests

Sterilization is the process of cleaning a certain area or tools and equipment from all microorganisms that may be on it by a number of methods. Sterilization is particularly important for the protection of humans from micro-organisms that have health-threatening and disease-causing effects. In addition, sterilization methods are used in the safe preparation of foodstuffs.

The fact that medical devices are sterile is a much more privileged issue. It is very important that sterilization procedures are applied to the entire surface of medical devices. The appropriate method should be selected for sterilization and the duration of the procedure should be sufficient. Sterilized instruments should be packaged correctly and stored in appropriate conditions. The sterilization method and date should be written on the devices. Sterilized devices should be used within the validity period of sterilization. Where necessary, indicators that confirm sterile properties should be placed next to the sterilized devices. These are indicators of organic origin that often change color depending on temperature and chemical factors.

Sterilization methods in medical devices vary depending on the type of devices to be sterilized and the microorganism and their growth and propagation properties. Sterilization is usually done by physical means such as heat, radiation, filtration and ultrasonic sound waves, or by chemical means using a number of solutions.

Testing services in medical devices include the determination of live organism load, sterilization tests according to biological indicators, validation studies, endotoxin tests, packaging end-use dating studies, dye and microbial entry tests and leak tests.

Product tests performed in authorized laboratories are important to prove to consumers the quality and reliability of the products. In this context, sterilization tests are performed in medical devices in our laboratory. These tests are based on standards published by local and foreign organizations.

Our laboratory always gives fast, high quality, reliable, precise and accurate results in tests carried out with an experienced and trained staff and using modern powerful technological test equipment.

In our laboratory, other measurement, test and analysis services are provided along with sterilization tests in medical devices.