Product Compliance Tests

Product Compliance Tests

Product conformity tests are carried out in a wide range of sectors including food products, textile products, various machine groups, electrical and electronic products and many other sectors.

Essentially, product conformity tests are conducted to assess whether the products and services marketed by a company or demanded by a consumer group are in line with customer expectations. This is because people or organizations that request these products and services may not have the knowledge and experience to fully understand the risks of the product or service.

In foodstuffs that are most frequently encountered in everyday life and which have a serious health risk, compatibility tests are carried out, for example, for packaging and packaging. How reliable are food packages? Food contact materials testing is now conducted worldwide to ensure that food products are not contaminated during contact. Food packaging and packaging materials tests are based on the legal regulations in force. The materials in contact with food include not only packaging materials, but also cutlery, pots, glass and ceramic materials and storage containers, and are tested to ensure that these materials are safe for human health. The purpose of these tests is to control the undesired quantities of the components present in these materials.

During the conformity test studies, current legal regulations and related standards published by many domestic and foreign organizations are taken into consideration. Our company conducts product conformity tests within the framework of conformity tests.

In the meantime, our organization, in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for the Competence of Experiment and Calibration Laboratories standard, UAF From the Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.