Personal Protective Equipment Tests

Personal Protective Equipment Tests

Personal protective equipment refers to tools, devices, clothing and materials designed to be worn, worn, or worn by employees to protect against one or more health and safety risks. The purpose of personal protective equipment is to protect employees from risks that may or may not be present in the work area.

Moving objects in working areas, falling objects from above, sharp and pointed edges, high and low temperatures, light radiation generated during welding, grinding or heat treatment, ground conditions of the working area, chemicals used in activities and released dust, smoke , steam and similar substances are always a danger.

In accordance with the Labor Law in force, employers are obliged to take all kinds of measures necessary to ensure occupational health and safety in their work areas, to keep all the tools and equipment that may be needed, and to take and implement all kinds of measures in terms of occupational health and safety of employees.

The Regulation on the Use of Personal Protective Equipment at Workplaces issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in 2013 also regulates this issue. In general, it is essential to take technical measures, to organize the work organization and to determine the working methods in the workplaces to prevent or at least reduce the negative effects of possible risks. However, if the risks in the workplace cannot be prevented despite these considerations, employees are required to use some personal protective materials. This regulation regulates the characteristics, supply, use and related issues of personal protective equipment.

In accordance with the principles of this regulation, the following points must be observed regarding the use of personal protective equipment in the workplace:

  • Personal protective equipment used in the workplace must be designed and manufactured in accordance with the regulations. In short, it should not create additional risks and should be appropriate to prevent possible risks. It must comply with the conditions of the working environment. It should also be appropriate to the health status and ergonomic conditions of the employees. In addition, some adjustments are required to comply with the employee.
  • If there is more than one hazard in the work environment and more than one personal protective equipment is to be used at the same time, they should be suitable for use together.
  • The conditions of use of the personal protective equipment to be used should be determined depending on the magnitude of the hazard, the frequency of exposure, the characteristics of the working environment and the performance of the personal protective equipment.
  • Generally, it is essential that personal protective equipment be used by one person. However, if this equipment is used by more than one person, precautions must be taken to ensure that employees do not experience any health problems.
  • The necessary explanations for each of the personal protective equipment must be available in the working environment and be easily accessible to the employees.
  • Personal protective equipment must be provided free of charge by the employer, repaired or replaced.
  • Personal protective equipment must be kept in hygienic conditions and available at any time when not in use.
  • Employers should inform employees of which personal protective equipment should be used in which situations and in what way.
  • Employers are also required to provide training on how to use personal protective equipment when necessary.
  • Personal protective equipment should only be used for its intended purpose, except in exceptional circumstances and exceptional circumstances.

If requested, test and inspection organizations determine whether the personal protective equipment in the working environment is in working condition, provide the necessary safety conditions and comply with the criteria determined in the relevant legal regulations and standards by means of test and inspection studies.

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