CB (IECEE) Tests

CB (IECEE) Tests

The CB scheme is an international program created by the International Commission on Electrical Equipment (IECEE) and based on the acceptance of test results for product safety between participating laboratories and certification bodies worldwide. Thanks to the CB testing and certification program, manufacturers are offered a simple way to obtain multiple national safety certificates for their products. Today, this program is implemented in over fifty countries around the world. Our country is among the countries that implement this program.

In order to obtain more than one national security certificate for their products, manufacturers may request CB test report and relevant CB certificate from certification bodies. In this case, only the CB test report and the relevant CB certificate are sufficient without the need for additional tests. For companies with a previously issued CB test report and the relevant CB certificate, these documents are considered as the basis for issuing one of the certificate codes. In the announcements made by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), it is stated that the integrated components in the previously tested devices will be accepted and that the organizations will not request new test samples for national certificates.

Recently, each country has established its own safety standards. However, the standard of each country must be approved in order to introduce the products to international markets. For compliance with the safety approval certificate, each standard must be approved by the Certification Body (CB) based on the test results provided by the competent testing laboratory.

For example, EN 62368-1 is a standard that describes the safety requirements of audio, video, information and communication technology equipment. However, each country changes part of this standard in its own application. This is called standard deviation. In our country, this standard has been published by Turkish Standards Institute (TSE) with the title of EN / 62368-1 Audio / video, information and communication technologies - Part 1: Safety rules.

If an electrical or electronic product receives safety approval for several countries, the number of tests to be performed is reduced. However, if the subject of the test falls within the scope of different standards, time and cost savings are provided for evaluation. To solve the problem, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) has announced that the test report provided by any Certification Body (CB) can be used for certification procedures of other standards.

In this respect, the competent authorities prepare a CB Test Report for many of the safety standards.

The CB scheme provides the following benefits to manufacturers and distributors engaged in international trade:

  • Having a single product testing point for effective access to global markets
  • Global acceptance of test reports leading to national certification in CB scheme member countries
  • Unilateral acceptance of test reports in many developing countries that have not yet joined the CB program

Today, the CB scheme is an international product certification organization network, valid in more than fifty countries. In each country participating in this system, there are organizations that IECEE considers to be National Certification Bodies.

In the CB scheme process, electrical and electronic equipment and equipment are tested according to all harmonized standards and national differences in the countries where these products will be marketed. A CB Test Certificate and a CB Test Report will then be used to obtain national certificates in the participating countries. These documents and reports minimize additional testing requirements. National differences (deviations) are the special conditions that the CB program permits for each country to address local security concerns.

Our company also provides CB testing services within the scope of certification services. Thanks to these services, enterprises are able to produce more efficient, high performance and quality products in a safe, fast and uninterrupted manner.

CB testing services are just one of the certification services provided by our organization. Many other certification services are provided.