Crush and Crush Test

Crush and Crush Test

In the design of composite structures, good material selection is essential and in selecting the right material, the measured crush stress, the stability of the crush value and its ratio to the compression stress of the material are the main factors. The material described as crushing stress cannot be obtained from crushing performance, compressive strength and other similar material properties. Physical tests are required for this. In advanced laboratories, special tests are applied to determine crush stress, crush balance and compressive strength.

Crushing tests are important to guide the material selection process of enterprises in various sectors. Crushing stress of a material is influenced by impact velocity and crush type.

Crushing and crushing tests are performed to determine the behavior of a product or material when it is subjected to crushing under a load. In these tests, the basic parameters are measured to determine how the product or material reacts when compressed, crushed or flattened.

These tests can be performed as part of the design process of the products, in the production environment or during quality control studies. In general, tests are performed to:

  • Determining the strength of the components (eg springs, bellows, keypads, package seals, PET containers or PVC pipes)
  • Determining the crushing properties of materials (eg foam, metal, PET, rubber and other plastic materials)
  • Determining the performance of products

In this context, crushing, springing and crushing tests are performed.

Crushing and crushing tests help to ensure that the finished products of the manufacturers are suitable for the purpose and are produced in the highest quality. For this purpose, necessary data is obtained about the integrity and safety of materials, components and products. The data obtained with these tests can be used in many ways, such as determining batch quality, determining consistency in production, assisting in the design process, reducing material costs, achieving lean manufacturing goals, and complying with domestic and foreign industry standards.

A number of materials subjected to compressive force initially show a linear relationship between stress and strain. This relationship is explained by the Young Module. This value shows how much the material will deform under the crushing load applied before plastic deformation occurs. If a material returns to its original shape after crushing or deformation under crushing force, it refers to the flexibility of the material. For example, vulcanized rubber, ie rubber, which is made more durable by the addition of sulfur, has a highly elastic structure. After a significant crushing force is applied, it returns to its original shape.

When a certain force or stress threshold is reached, permanent or plastic deformation occurs and linear behavior stops at this point. This point is called the yield point or yield strength of the material. At this point, the material exhibits one of the following two types of behavior: it either continues to deform until it eventually breaks, or deterioration begins to flatten. Both parameters provide useful information about the physical properties of the material in question.

Briefly, crushing and crushing tests are performed to determine the quality of components, materials and finished products in various sectors. These tests are typically applied in the aerospace industry, the construction industry, the cosmetics industry, the electrical and electronics industry, the medical device industry, the packaging industry, the paper and cardboard industry, the plastics, rubber and elastomers industry, and the safety, health and leisure industry.

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