IP Tests (Ingress Protection Testing)

IP Tests (Ingress Protection Testing)

In all electrical and electronic devices, the IP (Ingress Protection) code is an extremely important information code. The IP protection level is the degree of protection that shows how resistant these products are to external factors. All businesses that produce an electrical and electronic device must test the conditions under which these products operate safely, determine precisely and inform their consumers.

The IP rating system usually consists of a two-digit number. The first step of this number indicates the level of protection of the electrical or electronic product against external hard influences, and the second step indicates the level of protection against external liquid influences. The products must have the appropriate level of protection in order to ensure consumer safety on the one hand and to demonstrate operational performance and robustness. As these numbers grow, the higher the protection value of the product.

On some devices, the IP protection rating is three digits. The third step shows the device's degree of protection against mechanical influences. However, this step is hardly used.

The IP encoding is done as follows:

  • Degree of protection against solid objects: for example “0 göster means that there is no protection,“ 1 göster indicates that it is protected against accidental touching by hand, “5 kısmen indicates that it is partially protected against dust and“ 6 tamamen indicates that it is completely protected against dust.
  • Degrees of protection against liquids: for example N 0 göstermek means that there is no protection, “1” protects against vertically flowing water, “4” protects against water from all directions, and “8 kor protects against prolonged immersion.

For example, a product with the IP68 protection class means that it is fully protected against dust and can remain under water for a long time.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on its accreditation authority in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it performs IP (Ingress Protection) tests within the scope of electrical safety tests.