Physical Analysis

Physical Analysis

When physical analyzes are mentioned in the food industry, features such as the color, smell and taste of foods come to mind. These factors directly affect the quality of food products and therefore human health. With the physical analysis studies carried out in the laboratories, it is determined whether the foodstuffs are harmful to human health on the one hand, and whether they are suitable for consumption on the other hand.

The identification of a foreign substance in the raw materials and final products of foodstuffs is also important in terms of the classification, storage conditions and other characteristics of these products.

Within the scope of physical analysis, food and food related to food and food are included in the scope of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock: food products, food additives, feeds, feed additives, drinking water, water products and plastic packaging materials in contact with food. .

The risks that threaten human health in foods are generally caused by unhygienic food production and production activities in unsafe environments. For this reason, food products are mixed with a variety of harmful microorganisms, unwanted chemicals such as pesticide residues, and physical substances such as stone, soil, glass and wood. Among the complaints of the consumers, the most important is the foreign physical substances found in foods.

Physical analyzes in laboratories are carried out on the basis of standards published by local and foreign institutions, Turkish Food Codex and other relevant legal regulations. In addition to the color, odor, taste and appearance properties of foods, other physical analyzes such as moisture and dry matter content, briks (amount of dry matter dissolved in water), pH value, refractive index, specific gravity, sieve analysis and feed microscopy are also performed.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it conducts physical analyzes within the scope of food analysis in line with the needs of the enterprises.