GLP Test Laboratory

GLP Test Laboratory

The abbreviation GLP consists of the initials of Good Laboratory Practice, which means Good Laboratory Practice. The concept of Good Laboratory Practice first appeared in 1970. Good Laboratory Practices include different principles designed to ensure and support the consistency, safety, reliability, quality and integrity of chemicals during non-clinical laboratory testing. However, Good Laboratory Practice is not limited to chemical substances only. It also relates to medical devices, food additives, food packaging, colored additives and other non-pharmaceutical products and components.

One of the main objectives of GLP Good Laboratory Practices is chemical and biochemical products as well as safety and quality tests of the drugs being developed. In fact, Good Laboratory Practices aim to prove that security and quality data are not altered in any way. In order to minimize counterfeit claims and other inconsistencies, the persons and organizations that carry out the test studies, the test processes used, the approach and the methodology, must keep adequate, valid, reliable, consistent and accurate records.

It is important to gain practical knowledge about Good Laboratory Practice as it will guarantee the efficiency and productivity of laboratory studies. Maintaining 100% security and quality is a priority for every laboratory organization.

GLP Good Laboratory Practices is a set of policies that direct how laboratory work is planned, done, monitored, recorded and archived. It addresses the problem of non-reproducibility in many biopharmaceutical assays, helping to ensure the reliability and traceability of the presented data. GLP aims to improve human health and environmental safety profiles. While giving responsibility in various steps in the tests, it supports to increase the accountability and accuracy of data with transparent and detailed documentation of laboratory work.

In order to be successful in Good Laboratory Practice, it is necessary to prepare standard working processes in laboratory environment and to apply to these standard working processes during examination, maintenance, calibration and tests. Standard work processes are intended to minimize inter-employee and inter-test variability and to facilitate complex processes.

In short, Good Laboratory Practices are designed to use tools and methodologies that provide a robust approach to promote the development of quality test data and to manage laboratory work. These include the conduct of studies, as well as reporting and archiving of study results. With Good Laboratory Practices, it is possible to compare the results in a laboratory with the results obtained in other laboratories.

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), an organization of more than 30 industrialized countries, has published a series of guidelines on GLP Good Laboratory Practices to achieve a consistent approach in laboratory management.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not accept the results of laboratory tests not carried out according to Good Laboratory Practices and OECD guidelines. Together with the FDA, countries around the world work together to ensure consistency in scientific data. For this reason, GLP Good Laboratory Practices have become necessary. In this respect, it has become necessary to prove that the establishment of GLP in the laboratories and that the tests and researches conducted in accordance with Good Laboratory Practices are proved in this way.

GLP is important in all areas, such as inspection, quality assurance, management, laboratory equipment, equipment calibration and maintenance, standard operating procedures and data management, which are addressed in the OECD guidelines and FDA standards.

Our organization also provides GLP laboratory services under other testing services. Thanks to these services, enterprises are able to produce safe, fast and uninterrupted, more efficient, high performance and high quality.

GLP laboratory services provided under other testing services are just one of the services provided by our organization in this direction. Apart from that, many different test services are provided.