Residue Analysis

Residue Analysis

Today, the use of pesticides and its consequences are constantly discussed. Because of the traditional agricultural activities, as well as good agricultural practices in a controlled manner and even organic farming activities are also used natural pesticides. However, if these chemicals are used too much or are used unconsciously, their residues threaten human health and cause many poisoning events. In addition, pesticide residues have proven to damage the ecological balance of nature. For this reason, in order not to pollute the environment with pesticide residues and also to avoid any problems in commercial relations with the countries of the European Union, the fate of the pesticides after use should be well known. In developed countries, pesticide residue analyzes were started at 1950s.

In our country, these analyzes are conducted in laboratories accredited by Turkish Accreditation Agency. In these studies both the legal regulations issued and the standards published by national and international organizations are followed. In exporting agricultural products to foreign countries, it is important that these products do not carry chemical residue. Therefore, residue analysis, especially since 1990 years, has been an important parameter in quality control and quality assurance studies.

If pesticide residues are found in agricultural products that are sent to Europe, they are immediately announced. Therefore, reliable and accurate pesticide residue analysis data should be verified by quality systems. For this reason, the accreditation authorities of the laboratories that will perform residual analyzes are sought. Accreditation is the approval of this laboratory by an accreditation body that is sufficient to perform certain analyzes.

The extent of residue analysis in food products is quite extensive. The major residual analyzes are as follows: Analysis of honey in naphthalene, analysis of pesticides in fruits and vegetables, determination of benomyl and carbendazim in fruits, vegetables, legumes and cereals, determination of residues of benzimidazole in milk, pesticide analysis in fatty foods, benzo (A) pyrene in olive oil (PAH) determination, pesticide analysis in feed samples.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it performs residue analyzes within the scope of food analysis in line with the needs of enterprises.