Contribution Analysis

Contribution Analysis

In food sector, food storage methods have been developed due to the necessity of production at certain times, the demands of consumers to consume products whenever they want and the need to prolong the shelf life of fast food products. In addition, due to the rapid increase in the population, the increase in people's living standards, the increase in urbanization and industrialization, and the fact that the woman is in business life, people's demand for ready food increases. In parallel with this, the use of around two thousand additives in the food sector has been allowed by legal arrangements.

The ready-made food sector is growing so fast, it is seen as a bad diet. In general, foods with low nutritional value but high in calories are consumed in this type of diet. Since it contains unsaturated fatty acids from animal origin, it causes harm to human health in a wide range from high blood pressure to obesity. Considering the preservative or coloring additives added to these foods as well as the preparation of these foods, the size of the danger is obvious.

In general, additives are chemical substances that are allowed to be used in the amounts determined by the relevant legal regulations for long-term endurance of food products. Some additives are used to increase the vitamins and nutritional values ​​of foods, while a number of additives are used to change the color, smell, taste and appearance of foods.

The E-code used when defining additives is given to additives that are not seen as a food additive in European Union countries. This approved code is used instead of the chemical name of the additives. For example, the E211 coded additive is sodium benzoate and is added to non-alcoholic beverages, ketchup and many other foodstuffs to extend the shelf life of these products to up to two years.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it performs food additive analyzes in the scope of food analysis according to the needs of the enterprises.