Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxin Analysis

Mycotoxins are substances produced by some molds such as filamentous fungi and are toxic substances. Mycotoxins were first noticed in 1960s. At that time, it was understood that the cause of mass turkey deaths in the UK was a mold that caused mycotoxin and feed to feed. Various molds produce different mycotoxins. To date, mycotoxin has been detected on 400. Day by day new species are determined.

Mycotoxins pass along with foods taken to humans and animals and cause poisoning. Even mycotoxins can cause cancer and death, depending on the amount they are taken and the resistance of the body. The upper limits for mycotoxins are different in foreign countries (μg / kg). For example,

  • The upper limit of aflatoxin B1, which is allowed to be found in the foodstuffs traded in European Union countries, is 5 ppb, 10 ppb in beef fattening and 0,5 ppb in milk.
  • The upper limit of aflatoxin B1, which is allowed to be found in the foodstuffs subject to trade in our country, is 5 ppb and the maximum amount of total aflatoxin (B1 + B2 + G1 + G2) is 10 ppb.

Since the permissible limit values ​​are too small, the methods are used to detect mycotoxin contamination and give very sensitive and accurate results. Different methods are used to identify and quantify mycotoxins in different foodstuffs. Because,

  • The chemical structures of mycotoxins are very different and have different physical and chemical properties.
  • Strong cleaning procedures are needed to isolate mycotoxins from food.
  • Mycotoxins are dispersed in foodstuffs. Therefore, it is necessary to do a lot of tests to get accurate and accurate results.

The methods of analysis generally applied are: thin layer chromatography, qualitative thin layer chromatography, quantitative thin layer chromatography, high pressure liquid chromatography and ELSISA method.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it conducts mycotoxin analyzes within the scope of food analysis in accordance with the needs of the enterprises.