Feed Analysis

Feed Analysis

Feed is mainly used for feeding of animals if they are given in sufficient quantities, they are not harmful to health, organic and inorganic nutrients in the content of animal or vegetable origin or found in nature free of matter.

The feeds are given theoretically in order to sustain the vital activities of the animals without the concern of efficiency, but also to increase the yield expected from the animals. These two purposes are considered together in determining the nutrient requirement of animals.

Animal feeds can be classified in many ways. For commercial purposes, a classification is made as follows:

  • Grain fodder: wheat and legume seeds and oil seeds
  • Industrial residues: residues of production activities such as milling, sugar, oil and starch
  • Feed of animal origin: milk and dairy products, meat, bone, blood, fish and chicken flour and animal fats
  • Feed Additives

The fixed weight of a certain amount of the feed material measured after baking with 105 degree is called dry matter weight. When so-called coarse feed, the nutrients in the low density, easily digestible and dry matter on the 18 raw feeds are understood to be on the feed. Herbs in straw, alfalfa and teas have this characteristic. Concentrated feeds are food with a high density of nutrients, a digestible and dry substance containing raw cellulose under 18. Corn and soybean meal are of this type.

It should not contain foreign substances such as weeds, dust, soil, bacteria and fungi that are easily reproducible and mycotoxins. Furthermore, the additives used for the purpose of obtaining more efficiency from the animals should be for the limits determined by the legal regulations and standards. Bait analyzes in this respect are of great importance.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it carries out feed analyzes in accordance with the needs of enterprises within the scope of food analyzes.