Oxygen Compatibility Test

Oxygen Compatibility Test

50 is estimated by more than one thousand medical devices being used every day in the health facility or many areas all over the world.

Medical devices are instruments and devices that require serious control. This has become a greater necessity for very high-precision medical devices, which have a direct impact on human life and in general require significant investment. In more than one case, medical devices have very high maintenance costs, and some have high maintenance costs. Some are relatively short-lived.

The devices in the medical field or in many other fields work very precisely, the controls and the materials in each field become very professional. Therefore, it can have unexpected consequences in case of any bad situation or environment.

Oxygen was first discovered by Joseph Priestly in the year 1774 with the heating of mercury (II) oxide. In 1981, Lavoisier concluded that oxygen is an air-borne substance that is effective in combustion. This substance was called oxygen which makes it acidic. The real need for this was that all acids were imported with oxygen.

Oxygen gas is one of the sine qua non for living things. Necessary for the respiratory event, with the oxidation of organic substances, coal, gas, wood, such as combustion of substances is consumed very intensively. Judging from the atmosphere rate! oxygen gas. Oxygen source is formed by the free oxygen that occurs with photosynthesis. Phytoplankton and land plants in the sea produce oxygen for living organisms breathing in the atmosphere.

Oxygen with no color or odor has an atomic number of 9 and an atomic weight of 16.

Oxygen gas, O2, is a flammable gas and may cause unexpected situations as flammable or explosive against some environments.

The combustion process of oxygen gas is seen as a partition reaction with giant stars which are used in much lighter parts of the nuclei. This combustion occurs at a temperature of 1.5 × 109 K and a density of 1010 kg / m3.

If any unknown or reactant is present in the devices, it may cause combustion or greater explosion if combined with oxygen and heat. Because of this, various tests are performed by applying oxygen compatibility tests and thus, a possible negative situation can be prevented.

When it comes to the definition of oxygen compatibility test, the test stages which are applied for purposeful control of the compatibility of medical devices with oxygen and avoiding various dangerous events such as explosion, combustion and structure change with the contact with oxygen are called as the grip given.

In order to prevent the negative effects of oxygen cycle, renewable energy sources such as sun, geothermal, wind, etc. should be used. Natural gas, which is a less polluting substance, may be preferred instead of coal.

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