Burst Tests

Explosion testing is generally used as a general guide to the strength of paper, solid wood and corrugated board. Explosive strength is usually indicated in kPa. The burst strength is determined using a digital hydraulic paper or digital hydraulic board burst tester.

⦁ Explosion index (kPa.m2 / g) = burst strength / basis weight

A comprehensive research study has been carried out on the variables that have an impact on the burst strength of packaging materials. The manufacturers of different packaging materials should take into account that the effect of these variables on the burst strength of paper or cardboard is an important aspect of strength and quality as the burst strength of the packaging material. Manufacturers are required to check this variable for optimum burst strength of the materials used in packaging.

Test to determine burst strength of sample

The bursting strength of the sample is detected with the help of the testing instrument called bursting strength tester. This tool exerts pressure on the sample through a rubber diaphragm. Force is generated by displacement of a test fluid. This force applied on the sample was recorded using analog or digital load measuring units. The reading given in the load measuring units gives the bursting power of the sample.

Clamping force

The clamping force applied to the test sample is an important factor affecting the accuracy of the test values ​​given by the test. If the clamping force is ineffective and the sample is shifting, the burst strength specified in the device will be very high. A clamping force between 350 and 800 pounds is sufficient to provide efficient clamping to papers of different nature. In addition to the clamping force, the nature of the clamp is also important to ensure that the sample does not slip during the test.

Test rate

The test ratio also has a large impact on the accuracy of the values ​​calculated during the test. The ideal ratio of the test should be done with the wheel's 120 revolution per minute. Increasing the cycle rate can increase the calculated value for the test sample.

Viscosity of fluid

The viscosity of the liquid is an important feature that can affect the testing of the burst strength of a sample. The viscosity of the fluid can alter the displacement of the test fluid and thus alter the test results.

Because of these factors, when an explosion strength tester is selected, it must meet all requirements set in different standards such as ASTM D 6797. Presto offers a high-efficiency burst strength tester for different industries. Paper and packaging material samples can be evaluated accurately and accurately.

BT21 Test

BT-21 determines the burst strength of paper, cardboard and corrugated board for quality control (QC) and research and development (R & D). The modern design is ideal for use of lightweight and durable materials, while offering a user-friendly and safe operation. BT-21 includes steel frame body, strain gauge pressure transducer, pneumatic clamping system for specimen, internal hydraulic system for diaphragm, quick coupling for calibration, internal electronics and special testing software.

The firmware provides options for a complete or basic test. Provides options for full test, statistical calculation, burst strength, burst index and calculation of absolute burst strength. During the test, the large LCD display automatically shows a graph of the evolution of the test and the maximum strength of the material tested after the result. There is also the option to store results, search by date, operator or material and thermal printer.

The burst test measures the burst strength of most flexible materials, including paper, cardboard, textiles, nonwovens, foils and plastic films.

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