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Media Analysis

The primary objective in conducting environmental analyzes is to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases. Unfortunately, due to occupational accidents, more than 250 million employees every year in the world and more than 160 million workers suffer from occupational diseases. According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) sources, more than one million 1 employees die every year in the world. In our country, there are occupational accidents around 80 thousand every year and thousands of occupational diseases are observed in our country. More than a thousand employees lose their lives. In addition, due to occupational accidents and occupational diseases, 2 has been calculated to have lost a million working days. If we look at the cost of this, the ratio of the total cost of occupational accidents and occupational diseases to the gross national product in the industrialized countries is at most 3, while this rate is 5 in our country.

According to the existing legal regulations, occupational disease is a temporary or permanent physical and mental disturbance of the employees due to a repeated reason or the conditions of the activity depending on the nature of the work done. Chemical, physical or biological factors are effective in the occurrence of occupational diseases. In this respect, workplace environment measurements are important. The main environmental measurements made in this context are:

  • Thermal comfort measurements (temperature and humidity measurements of the working environment)
  • Noise and vibration measurements
  • Light intensity measurements
  • Gas and chemical measurements in the environment
  • Dust measurements (gravimetric or particle counting methods with total dust or specific dust measurements)
  • Radiation measurements

For example, thermal and humidity measurements made within the scope of thermal comfort measurements are made to determine the physical conditions required in some sectors. The humidity values ​​of the production environment in the textile sector are kept technologically high. In some workplaces, moisture is due to activity. The dry temperature is high in some work places. The fact that the temperature or humidity is too high and too low, as well as poor ventilation conditions force employees to work in an uncomfortable environment, which increases the risk of illness and work accidents. Therefore, it decreases the efficiency of the enterprise.

Noise is the most common physical situation in enterprises. It causes many problems, ranging from hearing loss, loss of productivity, to increased work accidents, as well as mentally affecting employees.

Like many testing and inspection bodies, our organization also provides a range of measurement, testing, analysis, inspection and control services within the context of environment analysis. The main services provided in this context are:

  • Clean room tests
  • Air microbiology tests
  • Occupational health and safety analysis
  • Thermal comfort measurement
  • Lighting measurement
  • Dust measurement
  • Operating environment noise measurement
  • Measurement of chemical exposure
  • Ambient gas measurement
  • Measurement of vibration exposure

Supervision of working environments is being ensured by existing legal regulations and many published standards. In these studies, it is necessary to carry out risk analysis, to make necessary environmental measurements, to prepare emergency and protection plans and to perform regular inspections.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it conducts the analysis of the environment.