Occupational Health and Safety Analysis

Occupational Health and Safety Analysis

All businesses must protect employees and provide them with a good working environment from hazards and health hazards that may arise during the performance of the work. Occupational health and safety studies require this. Occupational safety is the totality of the work done to eliminate all kinds of dangers and risks before an accident occurs.

The aim of occupational health and safety can be summarized as follows:

  • To provide a healthy and safe working environment for employees
  • To protect employees from the negative effects of the business environment
  • Preventing work accidents and occupational diseases
  • To harmonize the work with the employees
  • To completely eliminate or minimize the possible risks in the workplace
  • Trying to prevent material and moral damages due to occupational accidents and diseases
  • To increase the operational efficiency of the enterprise

Our country ranks first in European countries and third in the world in fatal work accidents. This is an extremely negative table.

The main causes of work accidents are jamming, crushing, sinking, cutting, crashing, falling and accidents caused by machinery.

According to statistics, the highest number of occupational accidents occur in the first hours of the day. The age group with the most occupational diseases is 40-44. Almost one percent of occupational accidents are caused by dangerous behavior, 88 by dangerous situations, and 10 by inevitable causes.

Numerous measurements, tests, analyzes and evaluations are carried out by test and inspection organizations within the scope of occupational health and safety measurements. The main subjects measured are: ambient air measurement, gas measurement in the environment, VOC measurement, particulate matter measurement, noise measurement, vibration measurement, lighting measurement, heavy metal measurement, electromagnetic field measurement and thermal comfort measurement.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, It performs occupational health and safety analyzes within the scope of environment analyzes based on the accreditation authority it has received in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.