Sea Water Analysis

Sea Water Analysis

According to the legal regulations, health institutions are responsible for the inspections to be made in order to prevent harm to human health of the beaches. Beach waters should not be reached by human and animal wastes or landfill leaks. An important source of pollution of beaches and beaches is the mixing of waste water of industrial establishments with sea water. Pollution of beaches and beaches is the cause of many diseases. For this reason, sea water analysis and control of beaches and beaches are extremely important for human health.

Beaches are beaches for people to swim. The fact that these places are not clean is the biggest health risk. If the widespread mass flow of people to these places during the holiday periods is deducted, the magnitude of the risk is obvious. The major factors in marine pollution are insufficient infrastructure for pollution and waste disposal in water resources. Not only the shores of the sea, but also the lakes, ponds, dams, rivers and streams used as beach should be inspected regularly.

The sun's rays show some degree of antibacterial effect. However, beaches and beaches are constantly polluted by surface waters and dirty water. Waste water escaping from the surrounding businesses and facilities can easily spread under the beach sand. Beach sands are very effective in spreading many parasites.

In the meantime, the institutions affiliated to the Ministry of Health are conducting studies to monitor the sea water quality on the coasts of our country. Within the scope of the studies carried out within this scope, many legal regulations such as Water Pollution Control Regulation, Swimming Water Quality Regulation, Swimming Water Monitoring Circular and European Union Swimming Water Harmonization and Matching Program are taken into consideration. Authorized laboratories comply with these regulations and standards published by local and foreign organizations.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority obtained in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it conducts sea water analysis within the scope of water analysis in line with the needs of the enterprises.