Water Quality Analysis

Water Quality Analysis

Clean water means water without pathogenic microorganisms and harmful chemicals. Healthy water means clean water, which contains minerals necessary for optimal life. The quality that the water should have is formed during rain, snow, or hail fall to the earth in the vapor state in the atmosphere. As rainfall descends to the earth in this way, it carries with it a large number of bacteria and microorganisms between the layers of air. Therefore, the water quality starts to deteriorate even when the rain falls down. Since the waters on the earth are connected with each other, the polluted waters are easily transported from one place to another with the interaction within the ecosystem.

Essentially, as water passes into the soil, the bacteria, suspended substances and various microorganisms in them are partially or completely cleaned. Soil acts as a filter at this point. However, various mineral salts in the soil melt and mix with water. This is why there are more minerals in groundwater than surface water. In fact, some minerals, such as fluorine and calcium, must be present in water. However, the presence of minerals that are toxic to human health is undesirable. Apart from the mentioned natural pollution, water is also polluted by people in various ways.

The criteria that determine the quality of water are the limitations imposed on substances that ensure the safety of water and impair the quality of water. The quality of water depends on a number of factors: hydrological circulation or applied treatment and distribution systems. Some of these factors originate from water supply, some from treatment plants, some from city network system and some from installation inside the building.

Water quality analysis studies are carried out with the aim of protecting the health of people and complying with the standards set for drinking water.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, Based on the accreditation authority it receives in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard, it conducts water quality analyzes in line with the needs of the enterprises.