Microbiological Tests

Microbiological Tests

Microbiology is a microorganism that examines the smallest organisms that can be seen only by microscope. Most of these microorganisms cause various diseases in humans. Such microorganisms are mainly fungi, bacteria, viruses, parasites., molds, yeasts and algae. There are tens of thousands of these microscopic organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eye and pose a danger to human health. The number of microorganisms that are still undetected is estimated to be well above this.

The microbiology laboratory generally carries out the following tests and analyzes: bacterial identification tests, culture tests, antibiotic and antifungal susceptibility tests, resistance investigations of microorganisms, antibody tests, stained preparation examinations, fecal parasite detection, antigen screening tests, PCR (polymerized chain reaction) and Many more molecular diagnostic tests.

In addition, today's textile world antimicrobial textile products are becoming increasingly important. These products are textile products which have been given hygienic properties and are generally used for hygiene purposes in medical centers. However, as the awareness of hygiene and the importance given to hygiene increases, the demand for antimicrobial textile products increases.

In addition, with increasing useThe chemicals in the formulations of ozetic products create very favorable conditions for the growth of microorganisms. The microbial quality of these products is therefore important for human health. When cosmetic products are used, they can cause significant disturbances in the human body due to microbiological influences. Cosmetics manufacturers are now giving more importance to microbiological tests and applying different production methods. Demand for microbiological tests is increasing.

Our organization, UAF From the Accreditation Agency, It conducts microbiological tests within the scope of textile analyzes based on its accreditation authority in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard.