Expert staff

Expert staff

It is of utmost importance that the employees of our organization are highly educated in their fields, experienced and open to self-improvement.

For the textile sector, for the food sector, for the electrical and electronics sector, for the machinery sector, for the electricity sector and for many other sectors, a large number of physical, chemical, biological and microbiological tests and analyzes, measurements, inspection and control processes and evaluations are made and reports are prepared. Each of these areas is a separate subject of expertise.

The criteria to be taken into consideration when selecting engineers, technicians and technicians who will work in our organization are:To have education and knowledge, mTo be competent in their activities, to be honest and reliable in their activities, to store the information obtained during their work, to be responsible to the public, to the business owners and managers of the government, to the official institutions and colleagues of the state, to be independent and impartial in their works, to avoid exhibiting behaviors that will create unfair competition in the sector. responsibility for human health and natural environment.

Our organization always expects employees to improve themselves. Employees who still work with old methods, do not follow new test methods and practices in this field, do not know about the latest developments in technology and do not know the new test and analysis devices are not allowed to take part in our organization. In this regard, our management staff follow the innovations in the sector and create opportunities for employees to improve themselves.

In the meantime, our employees are sensitive about occupational health and safety, and strive to prevent the physical and moral losses in our country. Managers and employees act with a sense of responsibility.

The management and the employees of our organization continue their activities with a team spirit and there is always solidarity and cooperation among the employees.