Installation Tests

Installation Tests

Electrically operated machines, equipment and electrical installations are the most serious sources of danger in the workplace. Electricity supply is one of the energy sources that will never be abandoned in production activities. Taking into account the risks posed to employees' safety and property safety by businesses, regular testing and control of all machinery and equipment using electricity is required.

The Regulation on Electrical Indoor Facilities issued by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources regulates the principles for the establishment and operation of electrical indoor facilities. According to the regulation, all low-voltage facilities, except elevator systems, which are established for continuous use inside or adjacent to buildings, are subject to these principles. In this way, the indoor lighting, alarm, lightning, loudspeaker, telephone, television and antenna facilities of the buildings and the garden lighting systems of these buildings are counted as continuous facilities. The said regulation covers all existing and new buildings.

The installation of the electrical installation, the selection of materials and the determination of protective devices depend on the voltage and ambient conditions to be used. Maintenance, repair, inspection and operation of the installation are carried out under the same conditions. TS HD 60364-4-43 standard is complied with in the test studies applied in this framework.

The tests and controls described in the Regulation should be carried out in certain periods and the control reports should be kept. The safe use of the electrical installation is subject to checks at least once a year. In test and control works, energy lines and leakage current relays are controlled, grounding installations that ensure safe use of electricity are measured, electrical panels and connections that provide distribution of electricity within the building are controlled and cathodic protection measurements are made for the outgoing lines.

The current legal regulations and the relevant standards published by many domestic and foreign organizations are taken into consideration during the electrical test studies. In line with the needs of the enterprises, our company conducts installation tests within the framework of electrical tests.

In the meantime, our company complies with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard for the Adequacy of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. From ÖSAS Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.