Mining Tests

Mining Tests

Technological developments, continuously updated or updated legal regulations, continual descending domestic and foreign markets and, of course, globalization phenomenon increase and complicate the difficulties experienced in exploration and mining operations in the mining sector. For this reason, enterprises need quality and comprehensive services from time to time in search, engineering, plant design, production, different industrial applications, quarry operations or shutdown. These services include natural mining tests.

Mining tests are very effective in increasing the activities of the enterprise, increasing the efficiency, increasing the speed of market competition, improving the speed of reaching the market and reducing the risks. At the beginning of the risks, the health and safety risks of the employees and the damages that can be caused to the natural environment come.

The testing and inspection organizations follow the innovations in the sector and technology soon, and provide all kinds of testing services that businesses may need fast, high quality and reliable. In this context, geochemical tests, resource calculations, geometallurgy, scope research and environmental services are provided at the stage of mine exploration. For existing or new mines, field laboratory services, water treatment, commissioning, process management, problem solving and equipment improvement are also supported. In fact, the companies that demand it are supported by reliable and precise test and analysis results during feasibility studies.

The current legal regulations and the relevant standards issued by many domestic and foreign institutions are taken into consideration during industrial testing. In accordance with the needs of the companies, our company also conducts mining tests within the framework of industrial tests.

In the meantime, our company complies with the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Standard for the Adequacy of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. From ÖSAS Accreditation Agency has been accredited and serves within this framework.